Single story with attic house plan net area 179.94 square meters

The house looks very dignified, its spreading, hipped roof with dormers emphasizes presentable appearance of the building. Wide hood covers the inlet area from adverse conditions. Noteworthy elegant doors with side transom, through which the vestibule is a lot of natural light. Very impressive detail are arched windows in the living room and kitchen, a wide open view of the garden and the interior more attractive. Used in the project home functional solutions combine various household needs, provide a comfortable space to spend time together and relax with the possibility of individual secluded area nightly. The spacious dining room with space for a large table was beautifully exposed in an open living area, seamlessly connects to the living room and kitchen. The building, designed with particular care program utilitarian kitchen provides a large work space, high buildings, and the right amount of storage space. In the cold part of the house, under the stairs, pantry located. The advantage of the project is foreseen in the ground, clearly separate, additional part of the night - a bedroom and a large bathroom next to it. You can be arranged in this space comfort zone for seniors. Economic base of the house is available vestibule and it creates a garage for two cars and a boiler for solid fuel.


Net area of the house
without a boiler room, garage, attic
179.94 m 2
garage area 44,14 m 2
attic area 28.7 m 2
boiler area 10.26 m 2
Building area 192.73 m 2
Floor area 303.23 m 2
Total surface 385.46 m 2
Volume 1206.77 m 3
building height 9.18 m
Minimal plot 22.9 x 24.9 m
The minimum dimensions of the adaptation 21.1 x 24.9 m




1. Vestibule 6.87

2. hall 8.84

3. Kitchen 12.88

4. Living 40.10

5. Double 16.02

6. Bathroom 6.34

7. Pantry 4.83 (7.78)

8. Boiler 10.26

9. Garage 44,14


ATTIC 112.76 (150.00)
1. Stairs 4.11 (4.11)
2. Dry 6.74 (12.19)
3. Attic 28.70 (41.99)
4. Corridor 14.77 (14.77)
5. Double 12.85 (18.01)
6. Double 12.76 (14.41)
7. Room 16.44 (21.33)
8. Dressing 4.89 (9.10)
9. Bathroom 11.50 (14.09)


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