100 Attractive Outdoor Sitting Area Designs

If you are someone who wants to accomplish a beautiful outdoor sitting space where you can spend some peaceful time, go through the following attractive outdoor sitting area designs.

  • Get An Outdoor Sitting Space With Pyramid Hip Roof And Thick Wooden Log Pillars: If you want to get the taste of fresh air, you must have an outdoor sitting space in front of your house. But, having a well-designed outdoor sitting space is always better than having a normal sitting space consisting of a few chairs or sofa set. Therefore, we have an attractive outdoor sitting area design for you. Build an outdoor sitting space with a pyramid hip roof over it and if we talk about the pillars, you can have thick wooden log pillars. Such kind of formation not only provides a unique look but also gives you the purest taste of nature while sitting inside it. For the sitting, you can go with natural items. Yes, go with a wooden table with a semi-glossy wooden countertop and along with it wooden benches around the table. For the surface of the sitting area, you can have hardwood layout which not only provides an ultimate solidity but also maintains a natural aroma around the sitting area. If you want to feel that you are sitting in the lap of nature, we will suggest you not to go with any lighting setup as it will bring a manufactured taste which will definitely hamper the natural ambiance.
  • Decorate The Outdoor Sitting Space With Hexagonal Gazebo Roof: If you want to attain a unique outdoor sitting design, go for a hexagonal gazebo roof covered with light yellow colored straw. For the pillars, you can have thick circular wooden logs with a polished finish over it. For the sitting, you can have semi-circular benches adhered to the interior body of the whole structure and on top of it, you can go with cherry red-colored soft cushions. You can also have a circular dining table with a small circular wooden countertop over it. You will experience an eternal serenity if you do your lunch in such a sitting space and for giving the outdoor sitting area a more natural look, you can have outdoor plants alongside the whole sitting area.
  • Build Your Outdoor Sitting Area With Hip And Valley Roof:  Imagine, you are having your breakfast and you are surrounded with colorful flower plants. At the same time, you are getting the sweet wooden aroma. We know that this is a kind of heavenly feeling but, you can accomplish it realistically by having a hip and valley roof over the sitting area and along with it, you can have wooden panel borders. For the sitting area, you can go with simple wooden benches with no cushion over it and for the floor, you can have white marbled finish with a glossy touch over it. For having an elegant outdoor sitting space, you can have various outdoor flower plants alongside the sitting area.

So, these are some designs that you can try.

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