22 Small Wooden House Designs to Get Inspired

In the history of housing and house designs, wooden houses are the oldest ones. There are unique and robust, strong enough to survive earthquakes and impressive enough to be molded into new forms and structures with time. These houses connect us to our ancient ancestors because of whom we are here today. Even today, when we evolved into a time zone of smartphones, wooden houses have not lost their charm and popularity. Now, more and more people have started buying wooden houses to sustain our environment.

Wooden House Designs:

Sustainability and recycling are two effective forms of ensuring that the planet earth breaths and lives up to more than a billion years. Climate change is real and inevitable. These times, it has become more critical and essential to own wooden homes that are stylish yet environmentally friendly. They are quite graceful with multiple designs and infrastructures. If you are a nature lover who cares for this mother nature, you should invest in a wooden home. The wooden dwellings are futuristic and very comfortable. They can survive harsh conditions like drought or heavy rains. The outlook of these homes is very remarkable as well. Hence, you are getting the best value for your investment.

Ideas for Small Wooden Home designs:

If you are looking for small wooden home designs, you are at the right place. Some beautiful and practical wooden homes are compact as well. We have concluded all of these homes below.

Number 1:

This is a unique wooden home with walls made from logs of wood. The wood is carved to resemble the color of milk chocolate. The house is compact and accessible for everyone. The white window panes are quite gorgeous and complement the overall exterior of the home.

Number 2:

For people who like to take risks, this house is perfect. It has a unique red embellish on the exterior’s roof and walls, which makes it look enthralling and exciting. The house is raised on the floor by white pillars—a perfect home for vacation and relaxation.

Number 3:

The house has two floors. One can be used as an annex and the other for the family living there. The brown brick ensemble is impressive, and every detail in the house is intricate and eye-catching.

Number 4:

A futuristic home made with great innovation and creativity. The house has a unique structure that is rectangular shaped. Though it is a small one, it can fit a lot of stuff and household items. The soft cushion chair on the patio is an excellent addition to the décor.

Number 5:

It is a very small and fantastic house equipped with all the utilities, and It makes the perfect weekend getaway in the summer. The chairs in the front yard are ideal for relaxing in the evening.

Number 6:

This house is perfect for nature lovers. There is a small nursery in the front of the house for gardening and growing different plants and flowers. The flowers blooming in the spring make this house look like a fairytale garden.

Number 7:

A very traditional home with wooden walls and an olive-green door. The door is quite stylish and graceful.

Number 8:

It is a small and beautiful wooden home surrounded by a lot of flowers and greenery. The house can accommodate up to 2 people. The light brown color of the house is soothing and relaxing.

Number 9:

A minimalistic wooden home with the everyday essentials you need. It is an effortless and practical house with a pretty exterior.

Number 10:

This wooden house resembles a dollhouse, but it has enough space for daily use equipment and essentials. The colors and outlook are simple yet impressive.

Number 11:

A very dreamy small wooden home with a patio where you can read and enjoy your leisure time. The house has beautiful windows for sunlight and air.

Number 12:

The metallic green-blue roof of the house is attractive and immediately pulls your attention. The infrastructure of the house is imposing.

Number 13:

This is a house with an extended front balcony which can be used as a dining hall or a reading spot, whichever is your preference. The color palette of green and white complements the orange sofas on the patio.

Number 14:

It is a traditional wooden home in the forest. The roof and exterior of the house are pretty. It is a practical home. The green door panels look unique.

Number 15:

The yellow wood house is a summer treat. It is small yet useful for tenants. The house has a friendly exterior and a striking outlook. The sunflower beds in the house are glowing and a perfect addition to the look. The green roof is an excellent choice.

Number 16:

A modern wooden house situated above the ground. It is quite enthralling with dark grey walls and large glass windows. The staircase leads to the entrance of the house—a futuristic wooden home that can be your dream home as well.

Number 17:

If you love small homes, this one is perfect for you. It is a small and cozy wooden home, perfect for winters. The house has striking features and some greenery as well to keep the air fresh.

Number 18:

The pink walls of the house are the main attraction of the place. It is a lovely and beautiful home with attention-grabbing details which you won’t find in any other kind of family. The gorgeous outlook of the houses is enthralling with white windows and grey doors.

Number 19:

The blue house resembles a dream home. The blue roof and the contrast of blue and white are quite attractive and enchanting. The windows are square, and the wooden front door is a striking feature of the house.

Number 20:

The cream-colored wooden house is undoubtedly a unique and different home. The house has a simple outlook and minimalistic, old-school design yet it is built to impress. The clock on the front wall is an excellent addition to the theme of the house.

Number 21:

If you love innovative and new designs, this one is ideal for you. It is a beautiful wooden home with dark brown exterior and striking features. The place is perfect for a night’s stay.

Number 22:

The house has a compact and striking design with great attention to detail. It is a beautiful home.

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