“3 Allergy Protection Trees” to transform the polluted air of the house into fresh air

In areas with high pollution, the resulting dust particles are high. May make people living in that area Must be suffering from severe allergic disease Which people who are heavy Symptoms may collapse to the point of death.

Kamal Meattle , nature conservationist and entrepreneur, owner of an Indian software company Has lectured through TedTalk to listen to that about 18 years ago he lived in Delhi, India. The weather in Delhi is very polluted. The high amount of dust particles made Kamal suffering from a severe allergy.

The doctor therefore conducted a thorough lung examination, it turned out that allergy symptoms only made the lungs work 70% if not treated. Symptoms will be even worse and even death.

After that, Ms Kamal Meattle worked to find out how to recover his health. It received advice from famous scientific institutions including IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology), TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) and NASA.


Areca Palm  is a highly efficient plant that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. Suitable for planting in living rooms, hallways or rooms with a fairly wide area.

To get efficiency Should be planted palm with a height of about four adults’ shoulders / person. Always wipe the leaves clean. And take out in the sun every 3-4 months

2. Tongue

Snake Plant, Mother-in-law’s tongue is effective in adjusting carbon dioxide to oxygen, especially at night. Therefore is often grown in the bedroom To provide fresh air when resting

To get efficiency Should be planted Lignagorn Who are around the waist of an adult, 6-8 plants / person

3. Spotted Betel

Pothos  (Devil’s Ivy, Money plant)  feature eliminates Formaldehyde (Fort tourmaline – embalming fluid), and other chemicals that are volatile (Volatile chemicals), whether it be paint, smoke bleaching solution. Dry cleaning etc.

Kamal Meattle has been experimenting with these three types of plants. This total is 1,200 plants in a 50,000 square foot 20-year old building with 300 residents, hoping to improve the indoor air quality.

As a result, within 10 hours the amount of oxygen in the blood system of the residents increased by 42% and after a series of trials it turned out that the eye irritation of the people in the building was reduced by 52%. 34% decrease, headache 24%, lung disease 12%, asthma 9%

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