3350 Sq. Ft. Beautiful Double Storied Kerala House Plan

3350 Square Feet ( 311 Square Meter ) double story house design by S.I. Consultants, Agra

In this post we are going to analyse and comment one of the biggest houses ever published on this website. This house is designed to be as spacious and as extravagant as possible and this is reflected in the design of this house. Everything is smartly placed to fit in the overall house plan and making the transition between the rooms seamless. This house is designed to reflect wealth, prestige and luxury and as we are going to analyse it we are going to provide our thoughts to support this argument.

Starting from the first floor we can easily see the well designed layout of this house with everything smartly placed. The presence of more than one living area is actually a nice addition of the house with various uses for various occasions and for various residents of the house. The presence of multiple bathrooms of this house make it easier to operate considering a big family is going to utilize all this space. One of the best additions of this house is the rather unusual circular design of the stairs going to the second floor. 

The master bedroom is the most spacious out of all the rooms of this house thanks to the attached fully fledged bathroom and the big wardrobe area. It also has a connection to a rather empty room which can be used for different purposes making the access of this room easier. Having a big family living in the house is reflected on the size of the kitchen and dining area. They area big enough to support the family and also look good. 

Right after you enter the second floor you are going to face the open plane living room. The sofas are smartly placed to gain the natural sunlight combined with the outdoor are view. The living room shares a some kind of wall from the rest of the house which makes it easier do locally decorate this area with the contrast between the rooms in mind. It’s highly recommended to decorate this area with various decorative plants or flowers to enhance the experience and make the transition from the outdoor area softer.

From the left and the right side of this floor we are going to find two bedrooms. They both share the same view from the outdoor area, they share the same size and they are both designed to be for a couple. The only difference these bedrooms have is the left one lacks the presence of the attached bathroom to make it accessible from the rest of the house. That bathroom is smartly placed to be near the bathroom-lacking bedroom for easy access during the night and to be near the living room and the rest of the floor. The third bedroom shares the same details from the rest of the bedrooms with the only difference the attached bedroom and the view from the back of the house.

A nice addition is the balcony located in the top left side of the plan. This space could serve for a nice dining area during the summer evenings. Combined with the decor that would be placed surrounding the house and some smartly placed wall mounted lamps this place could turn in the ultimate dining area that would spark lots of conversations. It can also serve as a place for the kids or parents to spend some time to play and relax with the help of some outdoor furniture.

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    Is there any house design available on a plot of length 50 feet and width 25 feet. Basically we want to use ground floor for commercial purpose. The plot is attached with road

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