40 Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Places


Some people think that it is easy to design a small kitchen and more complicated to design a large one. Well it is not, it’s the opposite, it is more easy to design a large kitchen and it becomes a little bit more complicated when it comes to a small space. Kitchen design ideas for small spaces are very searched these days. Space is one of the most important things, you have to find the best way to put all the necessary things together. However, if you have a small space, you don’t have to worry, in this article, we are going to share with you 40 kitchen design ideas for small spaces.

It does not matter whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, if it does not look attractive, there is nothing that can titillate your mind to cook delicious dishes. Well, it is very easy to design a large kitchen but, when it comes to a small kitchen, getting an adequate amount of space is one of the most important things. However, if you have a small kitchen, you don’t have to worry as here, in this article, we are going to tell you some kitchen design for small spaces.

  • Go For Crisp Colour Scheme: It is very important to keep you small kitchen airy as well as light and it is only possible if you go for a crisp color scheme. The crisp color scheme does not mean installing a creamy color texture. Pair white tiles with white-colored kitchen cabinets. Along with it, you can make the windows and door green to bring a natural flavor to your kitchen. Moreover, the combination of white and green will reflect light around the kitchen and you will get a spacious feeling in the kitchen.
  • Install Flexible Storage: If you want kitchen design small spaces solution, installing flexible storage must be your first priority. In a kitchen where space is very short, you should invest money in wire panel shelving instead of ordinary shelves. Along with it, you can install hangers or clips so that you can hang cups and utensils upside down.
  • Make It Attractive With Bold-Coloured Floor Tiles: When it comes to installing floor tiles, go for bold-colored floor tiles. You can either go for blue colored floor tiles or you can give it a woody texture and on top of it, you can put colorful carpets to give it a royal look. A rich color combination not only gives you visual pleasure but also gives your kitchen a bigger look.
  • Hanging Lights and Slimline Appliances: When you are making kitchen designs for small places, the first thing that you will have in your mind is to make the kitchen spacious. In such a case, hanging lights and slimline kitchen appliances will be your ideal option. If you have covered your kitchen with white tiles, you can go for white colored kitchen appliances such white refrigerator, white micro oven and many more or if you want to give a black shade to your kitchen, you can install black kitchen cabinets. Along with it, you can install hanging lights to give it a different look. The best part of installing slim line appliances and hanging lights is that it will give your kitchen a perfect look without cluttering the surfaces.
  • Go For Space Saving Furniture: Design for small kitchens becomes complicated when you need to choose furniture that can perfectly fit into small places. Well, we will suggest going for counter-height tables that come with rectangular and circular shapes. Or, you can go for bar-height tables which are also designed for small kitchens.

So, these are some kitchen designs for small places and we hope that this article would be helpful for you.


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