5 misconceptions about cats

Cats’ mysterious and curious disposition fascinates a good number of pet lovers. However, there are tons of misinformed people who believe cats are selfish pets and their antics are beyond what a normal human being can handle.

This can’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, these adorable creatures are not only super friendly but they also offer the warmest cuddles. Check out the top 5 misconceptions about cats;

  1. Cats are unaffectionate, unfriendly and aloof

Unfortunately, the unfair reputation is widespread and most people believe cats are the coldest and selfish pets ever.  If you have little children you may be familiar with lots of horror cat myths for kids.

While cats don’t go out of their way to please the owner or show affection like a dog would do, these alluring creatures are engaging, docile and fun to be around.

  • Cats don’t require much care

To some extent, it’s true a cat may not require much attention as a dog would. For instance, cats are pretty independent and they can be alright at home without much supervision. After all, they sleep a little bit more than dogs.

That said, it’s crucial to note that cats too, like any other pet, craves love, care, and attention.

  • Cat hardly gets along with other pets (including dogs)

Aggression in cats can be abnormal or normal depending on the parties involved. As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure your pets are not natural prey to each other.

For instance, a cat as obligate carnivores will naturally attack, kill and eat rodents. So, it may not be wise to have a hamster and a cat under one roof unless you plan on caging one of them.

Cats and dogs get along well most of the time and the same case applies to other pets as long as they don’t fall under a natural food chain of each other.

  • Pregnant women should avoid cats

Cats and pregnancy risks – this is probably one of the most common myths about cats and it’s surprisingly believed by so many people. if you’re expectant, there is absolutely nothing wrong with interacting with your feline companion.

However, you may want to avoid coming into contact with your cat’s litter box as that will put you at great risk of contracting Toxoplasmosis, which is spread through cat’s feces.

Smelling cat litter while pregnant is highly discouraged.

  • Cats can thrive without vaccinations

In most households, cats are house dwellers. For this reason, most cat owners assume that their furry friend would do just fine without vaccinations and vet visits.

It sounds counterintuitive – if a cat stays indoors, the risks of contracting contagious diseases from other pets are virtually non-existence right?

Wrong. The assumptions are as wrong as the notion which states that cats have nine lives. Your cat pet has only one life and it needs to be handled with care.

There is always a chance your cat will sneak out once in a while. If they interact with other pets, they might be a risk of contracting diseases.

You should plan a trip to a vet where they can recommend the best vaccines for your pet plus how often your cat needs the shots.

The shots are the only sure way to protect your kitty from diseases caused by bacteria or viruses and they’ll also strengthen the immune system of your cat.

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