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MyhomeMyzone.com was updated in 12.02.2020 starting with completely new and fresh articles. The focus of this blog will remain home decoration, house designs, house plans, interior designs, bathroom designs, bedroom designs, bedroom designs for your little darlings, kitchen designs, gardening, etc… but since the readers of our blog are mostly family peoples we have added some other categories that constitute interest for our readers. You will find interesting and useful articles about health, food, flowers, pets and travel.

We are living in the 21st century and unfortunately, the more we are moving towards the modern era the more, we are having a hectic life. In this technologically advanced world, we have become so busy that we forget to take care of certain things such as our health, home and other important things around us. However, we at My Home My Zone have brought all these essential categories under one roof so that you don’t have to look here and there for it.

So, are you having a problem with home décor? We have answers for this. Visit My Home My Zone where you will get a special section regarding Home Décor. We have various house designs, interior designs, kitchen designs, bedroom designs and even bathroom designs for you. If you are looking for home designs based on specific colour such as red, yellow and pink, we also have such designs with attractive layouts for you. Moreover, we are offering out of the box home interior as well as exterior designs that will give your home a new look and you can also unleash your sense of style by implementing our colourful kitchen design ideas. 

We believe in colour theory and therefore, we, at My Home My Zone have brought some rich coloured kitchen design ideas that can stimulate your appetite for food whenever you enter into the kitchen. Along with these, you will get innovative bedroom designs ideas where we have covered almost all the aspects such as the design of bed, cabinet, ceiling, floor, indoor wall and bedroom windows. If you are thinking to decorate the exterior part to create a solid impression upon your guests, you will not be disappointed by visiting us as we have all kinds of exterior design ranging from exterior walls and roof to outdoor yard, garden and even footpath.

We also believe that having attractive home interior as well as exterior designs will not be enough if you are not having a proper mental and physical health. Therefore, we have all the essential categories covered for you that can make your life clutter-free.

It is a fact that in this technologically disconnected world, our mind is captured with anxiety and depression and so, we have innovative ideas that can let you know how to get rid of such things. Along with this, you will get to know about some fruits that offer endless health benefits.

My Home My Zone also fosters creativity and so, we have specialised and informative content that can let you know how you can elevate the overall benefit of your food to the next level. We have a different section of food where you will get innovative and informative ideas regarding this.

Who does not love pets? They can infuse your mind with positivity and happiness and as a result, you will get enough mental juice that will help you to put up with your busy schedule. But, we also must take care of them so that they can remain healthy. We, at My Home My Zone, believe this notion and therefore, we have a different section where you will get to know everything regarding this.

So, keep in touch with us and browse our innovative categories for getting interesting and meaningful ideas about the positivity in the lives of you and your family members.

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