Amazing India House Designs

India; home of culture and tradition. India has a rich history filled with amazing stories and lessons. The culture of love and humanity emits from the soil of the land. That is why a lot of people want to visit India. It has beautiful historical places, fantastic weather and welcoming people. Even in the housing designs, India has inspired many. Now, Indian house designs are widely popular. These homes are cosy and have a traditional architecture that immediately grabs your attention. It’s hard to take your eyes off the stunning and homely Indian homes.

Indian Home designs:

As you might know, trends change over time. The same is the principle when it comes to house designs. Indian culture and traditions have inspired the home designs as well. If you want a unique yet humble home, you are in the right place. These houses are practical and striking. Everything is done with perfection, from something as small as the knob on doors to big decisions like the house’s tiles. Having an Indian home is a blessing for many.

Ideas for Indian Homes:

Especially for you, we gathered the best selection of Indian Homes. These homes are built with love, and many experts have developed designs that will impress you for sure.

Number 1:

It is an exquisite home with black and white tiles in the frontcourt which resembles a chess ground. It is fancy and elegant. The roof is simple, and the white walls are pretty beautiful. The addition of plants in the frontcourt looks very stunning.

Simple white house – Source: House Designs

Number 2:

The font court floor is minimalist and straightforward, with standard red brick tiles in a zig-zag design. A small stairs case with a royal railing leads to the front door of the house. The doors have mirrors as well, which are exceptional and will keep the house airy and fresh.

Zig-zag house design – Source: Pinterest

Number 3:

If you like eye-catching and straightforward home designs, this one is for you. The house is white entirely, with only a glimmer of dark colors making a statement. The dark black windows are very charismatic and attractive.

Eye-catching and straightforward house design – Source:

Number 4:

A typical and straightforward Indian Home with red bricks and large rooms. This home can accommodate many people; hence it is perfect for large families or hosting significant events. The windows are brown and complement the overall colors palette of the house.

Typical and straightforward Indian Home – Source: House Designs

Number 5:

Large spacious home with lots of rooms and places. The color combination of red and white is elegant and exquisite. There is a large balcony on the roof where you can do barbeques and hold parties.

Number 6:

It is a unique and modern design of Indian homes with a grey roof and pale white walls. The elegant outlook of the house is the main attraction of the family. The hallway leading to the front door has a red-tiled floor which is attention-grabbing and excellent.

Number 7:

The house is stunning with blue, standard brown and white colors. It is a big home with an elegant design which is sure to impress anyone. The stairs are immaculate and minimal built with perfection.

Number 8:

This is an authentic Indian home with a black railing gate and a porch. The house has a gorgeous outlook with blue and white colors and brown windows.

Number 9:

A colorful Indian home is beautiful and resembles a rainbow. The outlook of the house can live up to everyone’s mood. The lawn has some swings and slides for the children.

Number 10:

If you like unique and different home designs, this one is for you. It is a grand home with an attractive structure. The gold detailed doors and windows are exquisite and luxurious.

Number 11:

The minimal and simple blue and white exterior of the house is immaculate and impressing. Both modern and traditional architecture inspires the design. The place resembles a skyscraper building because of its flawless infrastructure.

Number 12:

The red and white color’s theme of this home is beautiful. The railing on the balcony is gorgeous.

Number 13:

The intricate and delicate design of the roof is enchanting. It is the main attraction of the house, which has charismatic and straightforward white walls.

Number 14:

A compact white home with some brown details which pop out from the whole ensemble.

Number 15:

The house has exclusive grey colored walls and a traditional roof. It is am unique and modest home.

Number 16:

The house’s red roof is a bold choice and complements the home’s architecture, planned and built with perfection—a vast and stunning home with big windows and cozy rooms.

Number 17:

Wooden homes inspire the design of this house. It has an entirely brown exterior which has alternating brown shades. The reflecting glass windows are stunning.

Number 18:

The simple grey and white outlook of the house is spectacular and attractive. It is a dream home with minimal design.

Number 19:

The navy-blue roof is a modern addition to the home design. It is a perfect house with a garage.

Number 20:

The house has windows with a square design which is both exclusive and enchanting. The white walls and rust-red roof are stunning.

Number 21:

The simple Indian house has a minimalistic design. There is a magnificent balcony on the second floor which can serve as a reading spot.

Number 22:

The round arch balcony in the house is exclusive and majestic. It is a lovely home with modern features. The tinge of navy blue on the roof is spectacular and stunning.

Number 23:

The pinkish triangular base home is striking. The house has a modest and straightforward outlook. The windows and door are built with attention to detail. There are some plants on the front lawn, a great addition to the home. This will keep the house airy and fresh at all times.

Number 24:

If you are looking for a very traditional Indian home, this is the ideal choice for you. It represents the culture and traditions of India to the fullest. The brown windows and the vast roof are exclusive features of the home.

Number 25:

The zig-zag pattern on the front floor of the house is attractive. The pillars have an intricate grey, black and brown design bound to impress and inspire.

Number 26:

The hues of yellow and brown make this house look very cosy and a comfortable place to live.

Number 27:

The grand royal house is majestic and attractive. It has a small balcony and a garage as well.

Number 28:

The monochrome grey house is an excellent choice for those of you who like minimal places. It is an incredible home.

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    • Amar pawar
    • October 8, 2021

    Number 5:

    Large spacious home with lots of rooms and places. The color combination of red and white is elegant and exquisite. There is a large balcony on the roof where you can do barbeques and hold parties.

    2d drawing please help

    • Amar pawar
    • October 8, 2021

    Please reply me sir

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