Amazing Looking 1748 s.q.f Modern House Design

The house is one of the most important decisions of our lifetime and we need to consider almost every detail when we are building it. This house is a typical modern looking one consisting 1748 square feet divided respectively in 624 for the first floor and 1124 for the ground one. The ground floor hosts the living, dining room and the kitchen from the inside with the addition of a parking space on the outside. The ground floor is 10.8 meters wide and 11.5 meters long which makes the living space more than enough considering its a two floor building.

Starting from the ground floor that consists of the kitchen, living and dining room we can see the attention to details presented. The design chosen for this first floor is a mix between a classic and modern looking design. Having the combination between the wooden shelves with the modern looking overall design such as the curtain and the angled sofa shows such contrast. The design decision made in the living room tries to utilize as much space as possible to make the room look big and open and with the help of the big window allows for the natural sunlight to come in and provides a nice view of the outdoor area. The fully fledged kitchen also reflects the same design style as the previous room but only with the twist of the contrast made between the wooden covered drawers and the white colored ones enhancing the experience of spending time in the kitchen. Apart from the unique ceiling lights there are two windows providing a view from the outdoor area, natural light and of course welcomed ventilation for the kitchen.

Moving on to the second floor we are presented with the four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms get to have attached wardrobe and bathroom and the other two have to share one bathroom. This decision was made to have a bathroom in the first floor for the reason of having easier access to it. The bedrooms share almost the same amazing modern design of the wooden cabinet and the base of the bed and other details combined with the white lamps and crème colored curtains. The rooms are well lit by the unique square ceiling lamp and some small lamps and the two windows. They not only provide the natural light but a view from two sides of the outdoor area too. Having a small balcony on the master bedroom is a welcoming addition and provide some relaxing and calming times.

Moving on to the outdoor area which itself is spacious gives the opportunity to decorate it as you wish. Having some small decorative plants or flowers around not only makes a nice scene for some outdoor gatherings with family and friends but also follows the design style of the house by enhancing it. A great addition of the outdoor area is the small porch too, which gives enough space to put some outdoor chairs in order to spend some relaxing time outdoors.

Square feet details
Ground floor area : 1124 sq.ft.
First floor area : 624 sq.ft.
Total area : 1748 sq.ft.
No. of bedrooms : 4
Ground floor plan width : 10.8 m
Ground floor plan length : 11.5 m

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