Amazing Split-level House Plan

Having an area to park your cars is and will always be a commodity for all the houses and ways to deal with this problem have to be found. This house takes another way to go around this problem by featuring an unique layout. Half of the house is lifted just enough to create a place for at least two cars without sacrificing too much and without damaging the overall beauty that characterizes it. This house consists of three bedrooms (two of them on the upper side and one on the lower side), two bathrooms, the living room, dining room and the kitchen.

Starting from the entrance we are faced with the spacious living room. It is well lit by the entrance door and the window in the end of the room and also has enough ventilation. From the living room you can easily access the rest of the house. It is designed to be long and thin and having the stairs that lead to the upper part of the floor provide some challenges to decorate it. By thinking that the stairs provide a hidden border between the living room and the kitchen area which could create a really nice contrast by the interior designer. The kitchen itself is spacious and can be fully utilized by the necessary appliances. Since the house has this form the architects decided to put one of the bedrooms on the lower floor to utilize that rather empty space on the corner. It is just like the two other bedrooms and gets to have the view of the front outdoor area and of one of the sides which is nice. The bathroom is shared between this room and the rest of the first floor to make it easily accessible.

Moving on to the upper side of the house we can immediately see the master bedroom which gets to have the prime view of most of the property thanks to the balcony. Of course the master bedroom is well lit and ventilated by the big glass door leading to the balcony. You can easily see yourself enjoying some amazing time in that small balcony and we recommend having some outdoor chairs and a small table to enhance it. Both of the bedrooms share a common bathroom which saves some necessary space. The other bedroom lacks the balcony but the view from the back of the house most probably makes up for it. It’s well lit by the two windows and has almost the same properties as the master bedroom.

The unique rectangle cut design looks really nice and can be easily exposed with some wall mounted lights. The outdoor area can be also put to good use by having some outdoor furniture which could turn the place into an amazing spot for family gatherings, grills and some small parties. It is also perfect for the kids to play and it has great visibility from the living room and the master bedroom which makes it easier for parents to watch them as they play.

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