American-style 3 Bedroom House Plan

American-style 3 Bedroom House Plan project is a house plan, developed for land of 12 or 15 meters in front. With 3 bedrooms and 1 suite, It has an American-style room where the dining room, living room and kitchen are part of an ambiance. A window sill between the dining room and barbecue area widens the environments and transforms the garage area into an outside environment next to the barbecue.

With simple facade look, this design stand out among the other concepts. Simple earth tone colors on walls combined with white paints and accents of brick walls. Wide windows in 6mm thick tempered glass. Deck at the front wide wide landscape will welcome you when you enter the premises of this American-style 3 Bedroom House Plan.

Taking a closer look at the floor plan. This house starts with the one car garage and main entrance is the dining area. The living room is 10.73 sq.m. which also opens to the front with an elevated wooden deck. In here you can relax and good area to put low chairs or pool chairs for relaxation. Kitchen is 6.76 sq.m. with mini-bar that separates the dining from the kitchen. The opening at the rear leads to the laundry area all the way to the back side.

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