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When it comes to design the outdoor area the discussion is serious. It’s the place that you spend most of the time when you want to relax, feel comfortable or try to remove the stress piled up during the day. This part of your house can make a big difference so the design and style you follow is really important. Don’t worry ! We are here to help by providing some design ideas for your relaxing oasis.

Keep in mind to combine the color of the flowers with the actual color of the house or to create a contrast within themselves or the white rocks, that way you will end up with a really nice and simple garden. The two parts of the garden are divided by a strip of rounded wood planks which make the transition from rocky part of to dirty part of the outdoor area seamless.

The first design consists of a relatively small outdoor area. The presence of small and big spherical rocks adds to the design style and provides a more calming and relaxing view.

Having a small outdoor area is not a problem. The second design consists of two parts. The first one is covered with white decorative rock of different shapes and some kind of standard size which looks really good and clean the whole time. The other part is the flower and small decorative trees. You can always experiment with the color or the type of the flowers you are going to plant.

Although a small place to create and design a garden gives you not to many options making it look good and beautiful is not impossible. As we can see this small outdoor area looks amazing By analyzing it we can see that the addition of a small kind of fence creates a sense of privacy and security and looks really good and organised. The color also goes well with the white painted wooden stairs and the grayish floor. The small area cut from the concrete tiles creates a very interesting and nice look with the addition of a small decorative tree. Being surrounded by different decorative plants create a really calming and relaxing scene. Having some flowers is always welcomed and having them in white color adds to the design of the whole area.

The presence of the small bushes and decorative plants makes breaks the spherical shape by adding different shapes. The presence of the ground lamps can make the place look magical during the night because of the shadows cast by the different shapes and plants in this area.

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