Attractive Bedroom Ceiling Designs for Modern Houses

Although the bed is considered as the heart of your bedroom, ceiling design also matters the most.

Therefore, this article will let you know some attractive bedroom ceiling designs that will blow your mind.

White Glossy Tray Ceiling with a Chandelier Hang On It

When it comes to the design for bedroom ceiling, try to make it simple as much as possible.

Moreover, simplicity has become the new definition of modern look and so give your bedroom ceiling a white glossy finish.

If we talk about the design, go for a tray ceiling.

Yes, the tray ceiling comes with a compact design and it can give your bedroom a stylish look.

Lighting also plays a vital role in bedroom ceiling design; it can either make or break the beauty of your bedroom.

So, you can install a white neon light strap alongside the border of your bedroom ceiling for giving it an ardent look, and for the main light source, you can have a white chandelier made of glass in the center of the ceiling.

The crystal look not only gives your bedroom an elegant look but also maintains a positive ambiance in the bedroom.

Multi-Layered Tray Ceiling With A Floral Texture In The Centre

Express your sense of style by having a multi-layered tray ceiling in your bedroom.

A multi-layered tray ceiling not only makes your bedroom attractive but also brings uniqueness in the room.

You don’t need any expensive furniture and home appliances to make your bedroom ceiling design attractive; this tray ceiling is enough to create a solid impression upon your guests.

Moreover, you can have a floral texture in the center in order to enhance the beauty of your ceiling.

Moreover, a multi-layered tray ceiling allows you to install built-in mounted recessed lighting which creates zero clutter in the room, and at the same time, it can create an awesome dramatic effect if it is paired with the white glossy ceiling.

For a more classical look, you can have a glossy marbled floor and panel pair curtains in the windows.

You can also have a white table lamp on both sides of your bed to give your bedroom a more polished look.

Decorate Your Ceiling With White Neon Strap Light And A Crystal Chandelier

If you want a royal bedroom ceiling design, a crystal chandelier must have installed in the center of your bedroom ceiling.

Along with this, you can decorate the border of the bedroom ceiling with white neon light straps and for the bedroom wall, you can have small sconces.

You can also give your floor a hardwood texture with a glossy finish over it.

In order to enhance the design of your bedroom ceiling, you have to take care of the bed which is the heart of your bedroom.

Well, when you have such kind of ceiling design, you don’t need to do much with your bed.

Add a golden-colored bed skirt over your bed and it will do the trick for you.

So, these are some bedroom ceiling design ideas and we hope that you would definitely love it.

Fabric wall paneling with mirror inserts
Fabric wall paneling with mirror inserts (Image Credit)
Bedroom gypsum ceiling design photo
Bedroom gypsum ceiling concept photo (Image Credit)
Bedroom ceiling design
Bedroom ceiling design (Image Credit)
Modern bedroom ceiling design concept
Modern bedroom ceiling design concept (Image Credit)
Modern pop design for bedroom
Modern pop design for bedroom (Image Credit)

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