Awesome Three-bedroom Double Storey House Design

People nowadays are looking for spacious and comfortable house designs. A spacious setup always delivers a fresh ambiance. Well, if you want to live with your family, you just need a house consisting of more than two bedrooms. As of now, there are many architectural design studios are delivering a wide range of house designs. But, you might not get the desired results from all those designs. MyhomeMyzone also offers a wide range of house designs, bedroom designs and many more. This platform understands the need of the people. This is why we have come up with an awesome three-bedroom double storey house design.

Stunning Front Set Up Of The Double Storey House

The front set up of this double storey house is absolutely stunning. You can see the tray-like flat roof structure. They are actually giving this house a very fascinating look. Moreover, if you see the colour, the visible part is reflecting a wooden texture and the border has rich grey colour. Talking about the placement of windows, they are absolutely perfect. In the centre, you will see a large rectangular-shaped glass window. Moreover, on the left side, you can see another large glass window and you can directly see the staircase from the outside. On the right side, you can see an open garage. The garage is really spacious in nature and so, you can easily store a family car there.

Inviting Main Entrance Of The Double Storey House

Talking about the design of the main entrance, it is really inviting in nature. Yes, you can see the wooden main door on the right side. Apart from this, there is an open garage. If we talk about the floor, it has some glossy tiles and the pillars have got an attractive mosaic texture. Apart from this, the front extended shade of the house has a very attractive layout. Virtually, you can see the wooden texture and so, when your guests arrive, they will be fascinated by this inviting entrance. Moreover, there are some outdoor plants in front of the main entrance.

Beautiful Interior Design

Virtually, we can see the beautiful interior set up through the glass windows. On the ground floor, you can see beautiful and spacious dining set up. If we talk about the colour of the interior walls, well, it has a pure white tone that is setting a simplistic tone. On the first floor, you can see a corridor in the front. The location of the corridor is perfect. In the evening, you can take rest and enjoy the peacefulness of nature sitting in that corridor. The black coloured hand railing is actually enhancing the look of the house. Talking about the U-shaped staircase, it is also looking beautiful and the hand railing has got wooden texture. Virtually, you cannot see any proper boundary. But, you can always set it up at your convenience. The backside of this double storey house has a very normal look.

So, these are some three-bedroom double storey house designs. For more, you can check out the following pictures.

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