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Welcoming a dog in your home is just like opening doors of your house to a new member of the family. In most cases, dogs and humans have an instant almost magical connection. However, when kids are involved, you should make serious considerations before you take the plunge.

All dogs are fascinating, but honestly, some dog breeds are not suitable for homes with young kids. Some are easily agitated, some are prone to injuries and some can’t keep up with a home filled with energy-filled children.

If you’re looking for a safe balance – a dog that won’t hurt your family and vice versa, here is a guide to the best family dog breeds;

                                                          Qualities of child-friendly dog breeds

Due to different temperaments, no dog is exactly the same as the other but there are a few characters associated with a certain breed and these can lead you to a sure bet when it comes to the best dog breeds for kids.

  • Energetic – different dogs have different exercise intensity needs. It’s only fair that the best dog breeds for active families should be able to handle romps and runs from morning to evening. In short, your dog should be energetic such that it can keep up with playful kids without getting irritated or over exhausted.
  • Sturdy – for the dog’s safety, make sure you get a dog with resilience and patient enough to handle some moderate mishandling. Children aren’t always perfect in being gentle with pets so it’ll help if your dog can accommodate some rough handling.

As adorable as miniature breeds can be, they’re also known to be delicate and nervous which means they wouldn’t make the best dog for kids.

  • Friendly – this is probably one of the most important characters a family dog breed should have. It’s a trait that varies greatly from one pet to another but basically, you should settle for the dogs famed for a gentle demeanor just to be on the safe side.

That said, here is a list of the best dog breeds for families;

  1. Bulldogs

You can never go wrong with a lovely, easy-going bulldog. This breed requires regular walks, which means they can perfectly rhyme with a family that has kids with high energy to burn.

 Although their appearance can be deceiving, bulldogs boast a sturdy body that can keep up with kid’s rough handling.

In addition, the adorable creatures can be great family breed dogs irrespective of how big or small your house is.

  • Labrador Retriever

Labs are probably the most popular family dog breed across the globe and it’s pretty easy to see why;

They’re friendly with kids, strangers, and even other pets. Their charming, affectionate and calm demeanor makes them loving pets. Not to meantion their short coats that are easy to groom plus they’re also easy to train.

  • Golden retriever

This incredibly lovable pets can’t miss out on the ‘good boys’ list, ever! It’s a favorite dog breed to most pet lovers across the world owing to its kind, gentle and affectionate nature.

They particularly enjoy being around kids and as the saying goes – if you get a golden retriever, you have a forever puppy.

They love playing fetch plus they’re very patient with children.

  • Irish Setters

For a beautiful breed that’s remarkably graceful with kids, the Irish setter is unbeatable. Their athlete’s body structure enables them to stay active and they thrive in pleasing people including kids.

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