Bewitching TV Stand Design

With the advancement of technology, we have got different options through which we can get the taste of entertainment sitting at our home. A TV is one such option and so, in the 21st century, we cannot imagine the interior home design without a TV stand. Therefore, in this article, we have added some attractive TV stand designs for you.

Get Light Grey Coloured Platform TV Stand With Ceramic Grey Coloured Countertop

It does not matter whether you are in the kitchen or in the living room or in your bedroom, you must need a TV set for entertainment. But, having a simple wall-mounted TV setup will not bring that magical effect and so, we have a bewitching TV stand design for you. Yes, get a light grey colored platform TV stand with ceramic grey colored countertop.

Such kind of TV stand comes with multiple shelves and therefore, you will have an adequate amount of storage. Here you can keep your TV remote, set-top box and music system. Moreover, you can also enhance the look by having a hardwood wall in the background. And you can have a linear texture with semi-glossy finish over the wall. So, get your TV mounted to the wall and for accomplishing an illuminating TV stand design, you can install yellow LED strap light alongside the border of the wall.

However, the texture of the floor also plays a very impactful role in your interior home design. And therefore, don’t forget to have a soft carpet with linear texture over the floor. For the floor, you can go with a light grey marbled finish. Along with this, we must talk about lighting and so, we will suggest you go with recessed lighting installed over the ceiling.

Decorate Your Room By Having Multi-layered Tray Ceiling With White LED Strap Light Installed Over The Border

If you want to achieve a modern TV stand design, you should think about the overall interior design of your room. First of all, go for a wall-mounted platform TV stand. And for the countertop, you can have light grey finish with White LED strap light installed alongside the border. You can either place your TV over the TV stand or you can get it mounted to the wall. The latter will give you a modern view.

You can also have built-in wall shelves beside the wall. And white LED strap light installed alongside the border of it. These areas can be used to add decorative items such as showpieces, indoor plants. And even, you can also have your achievements such as trophies, etc. For the ceiling, you can go with a multi-layered design with yellow Led strap light installed alongside the border. And for more brightened ambiance, you can have recessed lighting installed over there. For the floor, you can go with a light crème colored finish with black and white-colored carpet over it. You can also have accent walls with glossy light crème colored finish over it.

So, these are some mesmeric TV stand designs that you can have in your home.

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