Breathtaking Double Storey Residential Villa With Interior Concept

n this post we are going to present a modern and luxury double story villa that looks amazing from inside and out. The attention to detail is enormous and it is reflected at every part of this house. This house is designed with the concept of looking open and providing everything that a family needs to be at the peak of comfort.

The first floor is mainly for the living area, dining area , the kitchen and the laundry area. As we can see there are a number of spaces that resemble the living room. Considering this house has enough space to fill up, the decision to create more than one space as a living area in the room is logical. We can spot one in the right of the kitchen which is made for the morning meal or late night ones. That space serves also as a media center where the residents can enjoy some time in front of the TV. The ceiling design is also something to be highlighted because of the tilted small lamps contrasting with the rectangle gypsum tiles which give a nice touch and distort the light in such a beautiful way. Moving on to the area between the kitchen and the house entrance we can see the open plane design of the house filled with different decorative and entertaining stuff. The addition of a billiard table fits in an amazing way to the rather empty place. The shiny reflective laminate is one of the greatest additions of this house by enhancing the luxury orientation of this house. An actual amazing detail of this house is the window that starts from the top left side and ends in the bottom right side of the house plan. This window not only provides natural sunlight and enough ventilation for the whole first floor but also provides a nice relaxing view from the pool area which enhances the experience of the residents by a great margin.

The kitchen is one of the best looking rooms of the house. It follow the same style of the rest of the house by contrasting the laminate with the counter tops with the addition f the glassy look in the middle. It is as big as it can possible be and has enough rooms for the fully fledged appliances. The marble mini bar looks amazing and an also be used for the morning or late night meals. The attention to detail reaches to the laundry area too and the presence of the small counter reflects that. It looks really shiny and breaks the normal house decor by having the creme white color.

You can see the attention to detail that was taken when creating the design and selecting the interiors. Built in cabinetry throughout the home, feature wall paper, ceiling, cornice details and wall cladding make this a truly impressive home. The ground floor includes a large foyer with spiral staircase, guest bedroom with bathroom, study, laundry, open plan kitchen, dining, living and games area as well as a powder room. The large alfresco with built in cooking facilities overlooks the pool and separate cabana.

Moving on to the second floor that serves the purpose of the bedroom area. The bedrooms share the same details and are the same as the master bedroom. They are fully fledged and with the bathroom and wardrobe attached the experience is even more enhanced. The only thing that the master bedroom has that the others don’t is the view from the pool area. That is the main reason that the master bedroom is placed there.

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    • Oman Megu
    • May 5, 2020

    I am from north east india and planning to construct our house. I don’t know where and how to start. Can you please suggest what steps to b taken before construction ?

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