Brilliant Bunk Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You

Bunk beSince the modern house size is shrinking more and more everyday, there are different ways to use as much of the space as it’s possible. Putting the kids in the same room not only makes them feel safer but also removes the loneliness of the children and helps them develop their friendship. Having bunk bedrooms not only saves a lot of space but utilizes it in the best way possible and leaves room to decorate and design the room however you want. Today we are going to go through 20 magnificent bunk bedroom designs that will make you feel amazed and hopefully inspire you for your future decisions.

The classic look adds a really fine touch to the room and looks always good. The angled stairs are used to fill the otherwise empty area and to give a impression that it’s build for that place. The presence of the small lamps that can also provide some light for the nighttime is a welcomed addition. Having an old looking chair tells os that the rest of the house follows the same classic look and feel.

This design is clearly inspired by the sailor style bedroom. Having a map on the wall not only serves for decoration but to spark some interest in the children. The ladder style and the ropes that surround the bed also reflect the inspiration that is taken from the actual ship ladders and ropes. The presence of the two life buoys adds a really nice touch to this design.

This genius design creates enough room for 4 kids to sleep on. Everything is designed with space saving on mind and this is reflected on the hidden shelves in the stairs. Even with the space saving decision it still looks amazing. The color chosen for the stands has the same vibes as the lamp and both of them contrast with the dark brown laminate.

Who said that saving space always means that is going to look ugly. This design reflects the complete opposite. Having the bed hovering creates a small place that in this case is used to put a small table. Everything is smartly placed to allow the natural sunlight of the window to light not only the room but the table too. This design style follows the sailor style too.

This is the ultimate space saving design that not only saves space but also looks amazing to the eye of everyone that looks at it. Everything is simple and smartly designed. A cool detail is the floating bed stand which creates a shelve area for the two other beds. The design follows the same style as the surroundings.

A simple yet modern design that not only utilizes the space really good but looks amazing too. The contrast between yellow and grey gives a modern feel and it’s reflected everywhere in the room. The light colored laminate looks really good with the white table and the grayish carpet. The presence of the big open window adds a lot of value in this room.

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