Bungalow House Plan 90 s.q.m

In this post we are going to present a rather unusual design style of a bungalow house plan consisting of 90 square meters. The necessity of having a considerable parking space and a storage area has greatly impacted the design of this house by shrinking the size of the overall living area. This house consists of three bedrooms and a shared space between the kitchen, dining area and the living area. 

Right after you enter the house you are going to be faced with the dining area. This area combined with the dining area and the kitchen is designed to look as big and spacious as possible. This design decision is not always a bad thing because it allows a certain type of style to be followed such as the contrast between the areas or them following the same extended style. The presence of the angled sofas surrounding the small coffee table enhances the open looking design this area follows and thanks to the two open windows it gets to view the garage and the front of the house. Moving on to the dining area which gets to be in the middle of the house and has the easiest access from basically everywhere. It can ether follow the design style of the living room or contrast with it. The presence of some different decorative plants or flowers will enhance the overall look of this part of the house. Moving on to the small kitchen we can see that thanks to the open area design of the house tries to hide the fact that it’s small. Right next to the kitchen we can see the unusual decision to put one of the bathrooms right next to it. This decision is made to save some space and to make it accessible from the rest of the house since the second bathroom is located inside the master bedroom.

In the second part of the unusual layout of this house we are going to find the bedroom area. It’s designed to easily access the rest of the house and to be isolated from it in the same way. Starting from the master bedroom we can see that it has it’s own toilet and the best view out of all the bedrooms thanks to the position it has and the window that provides natural sunlight too. Right after the master bedroom the second bedroom is located. It’s a little bit smaller than the master bedroom but gets to have the easiest access of the rest of the house and a big window that provides the view from the left of the house. The last but not the least the guest bedroom. It’s almost as big as the master bedroom with the only exception the attached toilet and the view of the front outdoor area but it gets to have the one from the right side of the house which could be even better than the front area if it’s decorated properly. Decorating the surrounding area of the house with various decorative plants and flowers is highly recommended.

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