Clever Under Stair Design Ideas To Maximise Interior Space

We are living in such an era where the interior design of our house reflects our lifestyle. Therefore, it is very important to keep in a good shape. People nowadays have an L-shaped and U-shaped staircase. But, have you ever thought about how you can utilize the space under stair in order to maximize the interior space? Well, most people do not see the matter from this perspective. As a result, they do not achieve the impressive interior design.

We at MyhomeMyzone understand this very well and therefore, we have come up with some clever under stair design ideas that will help you to maximize the interior space. So, have a look at the following points:

Get The Under Stair Space Paired With Indoor Garden

Well, standing in the 21st century, it is very important to bring the natural flavour in the house. You can do this by having an indoor garden in the space that you will have under the stairs. Yes, this under stair design will definitely impress you. You can have an elevated section under stair and you can grow indoor plants there. If you want, you can also have silver coloured globes over there. For the floor, you can go with white marble with a glossy finish over it. You can also have a U-shaped staircase in order to enhance the beauty. For lighting, you can install recessed lights over the floor.

Grow Colourful Indoor Plants And Maximize Interior Space

Well, people are giving preference to the indoor garden and therefore, they are making a different section. But, it might hamper the overall interior look. Therefore, we will suggest you to have an indoor garden under stair. Yes, this under stair idea will definitely help you to create a solid impression upon your guests. You can have an elevated section under the stairs. There, you can grow indoor grass and along with it, you can grow colourful indoor plants that will elevate the interior beauty to the next level. You can also have some wall-mounted lights under stairs as it will give an elegant look.

Decorate The Space Under The Stairs With Indoor Plants

The space under stair remains empty and it really hampers the overall interior design of the home. Therefore, growing indoor plants is one of the best ways to utilize that space. You can have a rubber plant, money tree and many more alluring indoor plants. These will not only enhance the beauty but also maintain a fresh ambiance in the house. For the staircase, you can either go with L-shaped or U-shaped. You can also have wooden or glass handrails. For the stairs, you can have a light-crème coloured texture. Moreover, you can also give it a granite finish in order to achieve a classic look. For lighting, you can install hanging pendant lights and along with it, you can install recessed lights over the ceiling. So, these are some clever under stairs design ideas that will maximize the interior space. We at MyhomeMyzone have added many more pictures regarding this. So, have a look at the following pictures for more ideas.

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