Contemporary House Design By Br Builders

Everything you can see in these pictures is well thought of even in details. Mixing the elements of stylish old looking wooden doors and in some cases, walls gives this apartment a really nice feel. The colors are warm and add to the style that this house reflects to make it look relaxing and warm. The furniture is chosen to reflect the design too, the leather sofas look like they want to tell the story of the house.

 The wooden shelves combined with the whiteish ones provide a look which Is really relaxing and calming to the eye. The pattern used in the wall between the shelves in the kitchen reflects the design style too. Everything in the kitchen is fully sized and smartly fitted to be used by a family of 6-7. Everything is massive but compact in the same way making the place look amazing and well thought of by the architects.

The open spaces can be decorated by multiple plants or old meaningful vases. Adding cobblestone as a walling enhances the sense of oldness and history by looking old enough and mixing with the theme of the house. The doors are chosen to reflect the this design style too, they have large blurred glass made to look cool by the motives it shows, and old looking door handles .

The main room is well lit and has a cool pattern wallpaper that enhances the contemporaneous style this house gets to follow. The colors chosen to change from room to room making the mouse more diverse and unique to the eye of different visitors.

Looking at the pictures we can easily see that the master bedroom design is different from the other rooms making it more unique. Even the master bed is decorated with simple yet beautiful patterns and motives. The wallpapers are chosen to be different from the other rooms this time following a classic mosaic feel. The mix of dark blue white and goldish-whitish makes this room feel really different and classy in the same way.

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