Contemporary Three-bedroom Bungalow Plan

People are looking for bungalow plan nowadays. When you see the outside facade of this house it will make you fall in love with it immediately. In fact, the roof style contrasts with the rest of the outdoor area and combined. Moreover, with a beautiful veranda can make the place look amazing. This house consists of three bedrooms (one master and two multi purpose bedrooms). Achieving great bungalow plan is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to do hard work. However, we have brought awesome bungalow plan in order to help you.

Alluring Bungalow Plan

Two bathrooms (one attached to thee master bedroom and the other one left for the rest of the house), kitchen and dining room together, living room and a garage. You can impress guests with this bungalow plan.

This house doesn’t have a distinctive layout but still looks organised. Starting from the top of the house we can spot the master bedroom. In reality, that comes fully fledged with a bathroom and a wardrobe. You can place the other bathroom that everyone can access from the rest of the house. You can equip the master bedroom with lots of windows that not only provide a great view of the back of the house. You can decorate it with various decorative plants but also to provide natural light and enough ventilation. The other bedroom which is next to the master bedroom has the same view of the back of the house area. It does not look like the master bedroom but acceptable. So, this is an attractive bungalow plan for you.

Impressive Plan For Bungalow

Moving on the kitchen, you can design it in such a way so that you can connect and separate it at the same time. In fact, you can separate the kitchen and dining room by a small wall from the living room. You can make it to create a sense of privacy. And it does not to create a contrast of the design between the kitchen and living room. In addition the kitchen has a small dirty kitchen area which is always a great addition. It can be mainly used to hide the dirty and noisy works from the rest of the house.

Engrossing House Design

The living room looks quite big and open thanks to the layout of the house. Moreover, it consists of a large area starting from the half wall of the kitchen to the main entrance of the house which itself is smartly thought. In addition to this, from the living room you can access every part of the house with ease. It has a window facing not only the outdoor veranda but of the garage too. You can decorate it with various decorative plants and vases and it can be contrasted with the kitchen and dining room area. The front porch can be really amazing if it would be decorated with various plants and furnished with some outdoor furniture. it would create an amazing place to rest and enjoy a nice evening right next to the veranda.

Having a garage is always a great and welcoming addition to the house . It has enough area to keep a car safe and to store additional stuff that you can’t store in the house or different tools. So, it is another impressive bungalow plan for you.

The outdoor area can be decorated with decorative plants or flowers. Having some ground or wall mounted lamps around the house could make the place amazingly lit during the evenings and nights and would expose the great outdoor design of the house.

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