Cool Bathroom Design Ideas for Absolute Comfort

The bathroom is one of the only places you spend the time alone and you want to feel as comfortable as possible. We collected 13 of the finest designs of a bathroom from a minimalist look and feel to the more exotic and cool looking ones.

A kind of minimalist design that combines floating WC and Sink.

A mix between minimalist floating WC and Sink combined with a rusty looking wall.

A modern looking bathroom consisting of a mix between mosaic and randomly sized and placed tiles. They tend look really good together.

The perfectionist’s dream toilet. Everything you see in this picture is lined up perfectly and screams perfect. Even the towel and the toilet papers share the same theme as the rest of the room.

A modern type of look consisting of smartly placed shelves over the shower and a nature oriented greenish look.

A modern look with a minimalist twist. The gray color of the wall goes great with the backlit mirror.

Every woman’s dream bathroom. Everything a woman can look for in a bathroom is here.

The modern bathroom. The laminate floor goes really good with the wooden legs of the sink and the wooden look of the whole area. The big window provides enough natural light for the whole room.

A small but compact and smartly designed. The addition of a space in the wall can be really important considering the size of the bathroom. The rounded look of the WC gives the room a compact and nice look, it breaks the feeling that the area is considerably small.

The classic look with a modern twist screams comfort. The classic mirror and the wallpaper give a classic look that can not be easily found.

A modern concrete looking minimalist bathroom. The floating sink and WC gives a relaxing and a perfection feel. The area in the wall is smartly build to hold some decorative vases or bathroom solutions.

The addition of ocean wildlife themed tiles gives this bathroom a relaxing and living look and feel. This is the perfect bathroom for children.

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