Cool House Design With Interior Concepts

Cool house design is very popular nowadays. Small yet very functional, this is what this small house design can offer. Simple roof configuration for economy, the roof is design to lean on one side covering the the min bedrooms. And another roof with lower elevation covering the living area and dining. Moreover, small porch which will give shade to the main entrance is a roof slab fenced by metal railing. Opening the min door is the living room which is open all the way to the kitchen. A cozy bedroom with brown c

In this post we are going to analyze a nice exotic home build to be a little bit small. But enough comfortable for the residents to live in. The main thing that makes. This house design special is the amazing interior design which will be analyzed and demonstrated in this article. This house design consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a dining area combined with the kitchen. In fact, the presence of a small porch in the entrance of the house is actually a nice addition to this small house design.

Alluring Design To Impress Guests

Starting from the outdoor area we can spot the rather unusual roof design. Which lot only looks amazing from the outdoor area. But also creates a two level design of the house. The colors that are displayed on the outdoor area go really well with each other. And create a relaxing feel when viewed from the outside. And if there is place on the outside with the help of some outdoor decoration such as decorative plants and flowers could turn this place into an amazing relaxing oasis. 

Moving inside the house we can immediately spot the amazing interior design that characterizes this area. The grayish and open reddish colors used really give a nice feeling when you look at them and you can easily improve them. In fact, the illumination from the indoor and outdoor lighting thanks to the four tall windows that surround this room. you can utilize the small area by the addition of the angled sofas which take as much corner space as it’s possible. The couches surround the coffee table and you can place it in front of the TV. The natural sunlight serves a great purpose since they are four of them and the area is a little bit small.

Enchanting House Design

Right after you pass the living area, you can have the small dining area/kitchen. Even though the space is so tight the designers managed to utilize all the space provided to turn. This area into a comfortable one for a family of three to four people. The kitchen/dining room can be accessed from the living room and the back entrance with ease. This not only makes the access to the kitchen easy but also provides a quick entrance to the (if possible) outdoor area which could serve the purpose of an outdoor sitting and dining area.

On the left side of the house design the two bedrooms with the shared bathroom on the middle area located. The two bedrooms share almost the same details with the only difference being. The different views from the different sides of the house. By taking into consideration the small form factor of this house design, you can achieve the perfect job. The details are enormous and you can spot it in every corner starting from the fully sized windows. That provides not only the natural sunlight but also the view from the outdoor area. The colors chosen follow the same style of the house design and look proper. With the addition of the nice pictures that in some form or another break the continuous style of the rest of the house.

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