Delightful Three Bedroom Blue Roof House Plan

At the present time, space and cost of building or buying a house are two major concerns bombarding the home buyers. Despite the financial constraints, families struggle to own one as basic necessity. However, the question is: what type of home best suits your needs? This delightful 3-bedroom modern bungalow house that defines beauty and space. Because of high cost of lots, this  – delightful 3-bedroom modern bungalow house is designed to maximize the space by utilizing one side into a firewall. A square lot of dimension 13.9 x 13.9 meters will accommodate a house with floor area of 124.0 m² of three bedrooms. Considering the total lot area of 193.0 m², the design complies with the legal requirements on setback of 1.5 meters on the sides. This one story house plan shows a compressed but friendly design giving each vital element a degree of privacy and independence. Smart lay outing delivers the following features: porch, garage, living room, combined dining and kitchen, 3 bedrooms, two units of T&B and a service area.

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