Double Storey Beautiful House Plan

In this post we will share with you a four bedroom double storey house plan. You can construct the house plan in a 12 x 15.5 meters lot or roughly 186.0 sq.m.. Upon entering the gate, the garage can accommodate 2 cars which is roofed by the balcony. Moreover, at the main entrance, you can see through until the kitchen making it a open ended design.

Attractive House Plan Design

The exterior house plan design is a nice touch that deserves to be highlighted. In fact, It consists of four bedroom sharing four bathrooms, a living room. In addition to this, the kitchen and dining area, a front porch and the garage area. This house utilizes the outdoor area in a really interesting way. By having a considerable porch that surrounds most of the house.

We have another house plan design. Right after entering the house you will see the living room. It is relatively small considering the compact design of the house but utilizes it’s space in the best way possible. By placing the sofas in the corners of the room and creating a nice scene. The coffe table is a nice touch to the living room that you can place in front of the TV.

House plan design are very popular nowadays. You can cut some corners and that is reflected on the space in front of the sofas by having the TV stand reaching more than. The wall dividing the living room from the dining area. You can utilize the empty space by making it a dining area which is actually nice considering the compact size of this house. In fact, the dining area has a nice view of the outdoor area which could enhance the experience. You can place the kitchen on the very end of the house.

Alluring House Plan Design

It is one of the best house plans. In fact, It has enough space to fit most f the appliances without cutting corners. And has a nice addition of some extra counter top to be used as a small dining table for the morning or the late night meals. A rather unusual and unique feature of this house is the isolated maid’s room. By all means, considering the space saving design of this house, you will have to make this decision because of the lack of access from the inside. This room gets to have one of the bathrooms. You can place them on the house which is a nice touch considering that you can isolate it from the rest of the house.

Enchanting Design For House

In this case, moving on to the second bathroom of the house smartly placed to be easily accessed from the rest of the first floor. Apart from the necessity of having the bathroom the space under the stairs can be decorated in various ways. Using decorative plants or flowers to enhance the design of the house. Not to forget the multiple options that are possible to design the interior of the house. Starting from the contrast between all the open areas and ending with all of them following the same design style. In addition to all the rooms one of the bedrooms that this house has is the Guest bedroom. It is spacious considering the rest of the house is designed to be compact. And has a nice view of the outdoor area and the garage.

Catching Design To Impress Your Guests

Moving on to the second floor we can immediately spot the nice open balcony that is present in the front side. And covers the two bedrooms that are present on this floor. In addition to this, the master bedroom gets to have the attached bathroom. And wardrobe which is really nice considering the compact size of the house. It has the infinity windows which provide the beloved natural light and the amazing view of the outdoor area. Therefore, the Kid’s bedroom has the same properties as the master bedroom starting from the infinity window to the attached bathroom and the wardrobe.

So, these are some double storey beautiful house plans.

Please remember does not sell house plans, we do not offer any service as architects or interior designers, we do not offer any building and construction service, we share ideas and useful articles to help your imagination and inspiration, just like an online magazine. Thank you.

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    Nice home

    • Daniel Mathew Amit
    • March 18, 2020

    Nice good looking , good design

    • Stacey Gay
    • June 7, 2020

    I could not locate the top floor layout

    • Ines Kangombe
    • July 5, 2020

    It very nice

    • Getrude Omari
    • July 24, 2020

    Please can I get the foundation plan for the four bedroom double storey building

    • Nancy Jolo
    • July 28, 2020

    Can I have the whole floor plans

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