Double Storey Elegant House By Kerala Home Design

In todays post we are going to present a unique two storey hose which looks amazing from the outside and from inside. This house is quite spacious and can fit a family of more than five people. It consists of two floors with the main floor having the living area, the kitchen and the dining room and the second floor consisting of the four bedrooms. The total area of this house is 5200 square feet with the ground floor being 2800 square feet and the first floor being 2500 square feet. There are four toilets on this house which is a quite nice addition. This house follows a modern looking design style as we will see and analyze in the following pictures.

Starting from the outdoor area we can immediately spot the attention to detail with the small ground lamps and the wall mounted ones which together expose the best this house has to offer. The living room has a considerable number of windows which not only allow the room to be well lit by the natural sunlight but provide a full view to the outdoor area and the parking space. The small porch that surrounds the house is also something really nice this house has to offer. The main entrance with the two columns provide a sense of luxury to the viewers outside. The balcony right on top of the entrance can provide an amazing view of the outdoor area and with the presence of some outdoor furniture can turn that place in an amazing spot to get calm and relaxed.

Going inside on one of the bedrooms shows the attention to details of the designers and exposes the modern style this house follows. The big open window allows the natural light to come in from behind the bed and exposes the room to sunlight. The design elements can be found in every corner of this room starting from the wall on the right of the bed an ending up on the ceiling with the wooden column looking decorative planks with some small lamps.

Moving on to the dining room which is one of the most modern looking ones published on this website. The attention to detail is enormous and is reflected in every corner. The presence of a RGB light strip behind the wall adds to the diversity of the living room by changing the colors according to the mood of the room. Having some decorative plants adds to the nature oriented design of the living room.

This kitchen is more than fully fledged and this is clearly shown by the fully sized appliances, the mini bar and the small dining table made only for the breakfast or some small snacks during the day . The room is more than spacious which creates a sense of comfort. It follows the same style of the other room with the main difference being the color of the shelves and the overall area. The ceiling follows the same style as in the other rooms presented.

Square feet details
Ground floor : 2800 Sq.Ft.
First floor : 2400 Sq.Ft.
Total Area : 5200 Sq.Ft.
Total bedrooms : 4
Bathrooms attached : 4
Design style : Modern

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