Double Story House Plan Designed To Be Built In 180 Square Meters

Double story house plan has become very popular nowadays. If you see the current trend, people are actually looking for alluring and enchanting plans for double story house. The modern house plan is very spacious in nature and therefore, it becomes very difficult to set a position for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Moreover, people in the modern days give preference to privacy and so, they want different room for the maids. It must be separated from the main area. Apart from this, the double story house plan consists of rooms for the guests. Anyway, if you are facing difficulties in finding a suitable plan for your modern house, you will not have to worry. We at MyhomeMyzone have brought some enchanting plans for double story house. So, don’t miss to have a look at the following points:

Don’t Forget To Have A Garage In The Double Story House Plan Design

It is very important to have a space for a garage in your double story house plan design in 180 square meters. You can have it in the front section of your house. You can make a garage for two cars in the front section of the ground floor. There will be circular recessed lighting in the ceiling of the garage. Now, if we talk about the floor of the garage, you can build it with tiles with a cemented finish over the floor. The front door will be on the left side of the garage. Talking about the colour of your house, you can go with pure white colour and a modern white coloured wooden door in the front. You can also have outdoor plants beside the front door.

If we talk about the roof, you can have a gabble and valley roof with brown coloured tiles over it. It will give your double story house an attractive as well as modern look.

Give The Bedrooms Of Your House A Luxurious look

The double-story house plan built-in 180 square meters will have three bedrooms on the first floor. Now, if we talk about the layouts of the bedrooms, it must have a luxurious look. It is a place where you get the ultimate peace and the layout play a very important role to achieve it. Therefore, you must give preference to the bedroom design. Talking about the design of the floor, you can go with brown coloured tiles with a matt finish over it. Along with it, you can have glass windows and white coloured panel pair curtains in front of it.

You can decorate the wall with alluring wall paintings. Moreover, you can have a double bed with white coloured soft pillows over it. If we talk about the lighting of the bedrooms of your double story house, you can have simple circular recessed lighting. Moreover, you can paint the ceiling with a light crème colour. It will make the ambiance more peaceful.

So, these are some double story house plan designs. The images are added below to give you a concrete idea.

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