Elegant House Plan 269 s.q.m

People are nowadays looking for house designs that can give them elegant look. Yes, living in this modern era, people are not going with ordinary house designs. This is why there are many architectural studios that are delivering attractive house plans. But, it is also a fact that modern people are not getting a satisfactory taste with these designs. Anyway, MyhomeMyzone understands this scenario very well and this is why this platform has come up with elegant house plan designs.

Important Information About The Elegant House Plan Design

If we specifically talk about this elegant house plan design, well, it can be built in the 269 sq. m. plot. Apart from this, you can have a frontage area of 15vmitures. There is a master bedroom that is located beside the living room. Moreover, there are two rooms that are located in the back part of the house. You will also have a room for the maid. This elegant house plan will provide 4 bedrooms and therefore, this house design is perfect for an average family. The house plan also consists of a garage where you can keep 2 to three cars. There are areas in the rear and therefore, you can customize this area as per your requirements.

Elegant House Plan Design Paired With A Hip Shaped Roof

Talking about the front part of the house, well, it has a very beautiful hip-shaped roof. Yes, if you see the colour of the roof, you will get a brown tone. This tone is actually making the house attractive. Apart from this, if we see the front exterior wall, well, this house is pained white colour. It is not pure white tone as virtually, you can see the changes in the colour tone of the wall after the sun ray is hitting the wall. Anyway, talking about the garage area, it is located on the left side. You can easily customize this area and there are areas on the rear side. The placement of those external windows is perfect. Those glass windows are actually giving this house an elegant look.

Outdoor Plants Are Enhancing The Look

Outdoor plants can turn an ordinary house design into an attractive one. Now, talking about this elegant house plan design, you can see that there are numerous outdoor plants in the front part. You can plant outdoor plants as per your taste. These plants will enhance the overall look of the house. Moreover, if you want to maintain a natural ambiance, these outdoor plants will play a very impactful role. Apart from these, you can also have some indoor plants in the living room and bedroom. Those plants not only give the interior design an interior look but also maintain a natural freshness in the rooms. In the end, you will achieve a peaceful ambiance.

Along with these, you can also see the boundary virtually. Those boundary pillars also have a very unique pattern. Now, if you want to know more about this elegant house plan design, you can check out the following images.

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