Exclusive Scenery Pattern Stair Risers

If you have a multi-storey house, you must have indoor stair risers. Well, the interesting fact is that you can make it attractive by pairing attractive scenery patterns with it. Don’t scratch your head as in this article, we have added some exclusive scenery pattern stair risers in order to help you to get rid of mental confusion. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the following points:

Get Your Staircase Paired With 3D Waterfall Scenery pattern

Well, everyone wants to live in the peaceful ambiance of nature. But, the fact is that it is quite impossible for us because of the modernization of our society. However, would you believe if we say that you can get the taste of nature right at your home? Yes, it is true and for that, you must get your staircase paired with a 3D waterfall scenery pattern. The 3D pattern will give you a realistic view whenever you will be on the stairs.

If you are going upward, you will feel that you are climbing a mountain. And you are surrounded by a waterfall. If you want a more natural staircase look, you can go with wooden stairs for the staircase and for the handrails, you can have a wooden platform. If we talk about the wall, you can have a light crème colored accent wall alongside the staircase. And if you want to enhance the beauty of the 3D waterfall pattern, you can go with recessed lighting installed over the ceiling.

Decorate Your Stair Riser With 3D Beach Scenery Pattern

Who does not love spending time on the beach? Well, you can satiate this desire by having a 3D beach scenery pattern in your indoor stair riser. Yes, decorate the stair riser by installing a split 3D beach scenery pattern and for having an elegant staircase design, you can go with glossy finish over the 3D scenery pattern. If you pair the beach pattern scenery with wooden stairs, that will be the icing on the cake. Moreover, you can also have wooden handrails in order to achieve an aesthetic staircase look. For the wall, you can go with a light grey colored accent wall and you can also have ceramic white texture alongside the border of the wall.

Make Your Staircase Attractive By Having A 3D Cave Scenery Pattern

Create a solid impression upon your guests by generating an illusionistic staircase view. Well, you don’t need to call any magician for that; you just need to install a 3D cave scenery pattern in the stair riser and after that, you can visualize the magic. For making it more effective, you can make the ambiance around it brightened by having recessed lighting installed over the ceiling. For the stairs, you can have a wooden texture and if we talk about the wall, you can go with a white-grey colored accent wall with a semi-glossy touch over it.

So, these are impressive 3D scenery patterns for staircases and we hope that this article would definitely help you to make your home’s staircase enchanting.

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