Half Floor Modern House Plan

In this post we are going to share this beautiful half floor modern house plan. When it comes to exterior design, several things such as the windows design, colours combination, and many more matter the most. Therefore, exterior walls in this house design are decorated in white with bright red wooden lid. 

Moreover, if we talk about the exterior wall colour, you can paint it with a strong pink colour. But, achieving a perfect half floor modern house design is not as easy as it looks from the outside. You will have to fit so many things in a compact area to have the perfect results.

Front house view
Front house view – Source:  Moderate

If we talk about the windows, you can have glass windows this way they can provide an elegant look to the exterior design, and moreover, such windows allow natural light to enter into your room and create a fresh ambiance. This house design is not focussed just on airy and comfortable, but also in creating a relaxing atmosphere.  So, have a look at the following points:

Light Grey Walls In Interior Design

The walls are light gray. The floor is laid with light coloured tiles, large sheets, this makes the house look brighter and wider, while the ceiling is equipped with lights to make the house look brighter.

The stairs that connects with second floor are iron railing, black colour, white stairs, obviously this makes it a beautiful combination, moreover a smart choice. Interior design is focused on high ceilings with windows that help diffuse light. You can also have tiles with starry designs in the bathroom interior walls.

Inside view
Inside view – Source:  Moderate

Unique Black Kitchen Design

People in the 21st century are looking for unique designs, as well as attractive designs for their kitchens. Kitchen is something that can either make or break the impression. It reflects your personality and along with it, if you have a gorgeous kitchen design, you will feel positivity while cooking in your kitchen. The kitchen is a very important part of every house and if does not go in harmony with everything else, it will not be able to create a positive ambiance while cooking. When it comes to kitchen design, the combination of colours matters the most. Therefore, in this half floor modern house we have a modern black kitchen that goes in harmony with everything in this house design.

Kitchen in black – Source:  Moderate

Light Blue Walls In Bedroom Design

Light blue in the walls. Well, the window curtains also play a very important role when it comes to the bedroom design, you should chose some white ones.

Bedroom walls colour – Source:  Moderate

Comfortable Bathroom Design

Well, if you don’t have a well-designed bathroom, you might not feel comfortable while you are in the bathroom. It is a fact that beauty cannot be expressed through words and therefore, it would be better if you get some thoughts about this combination by yourself. In fact, it will help you to achieve something great.

Bathroom – Source:  Moderate

House Size & Cost

This house consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a usable area of ​​158 square meters with a budget of 53 000 $ (depending on the materials used). You like, try to adapt and adapt to your own style.

Please remember MyhomeMyzone.com does not sell house plans, we do not offer any service as architects or interior designers, we do not offer any building and construction service, we share ideas and useful articles to help your imagination and inspiration, like an online magazine. Thank you.

back house view
Back house view – Source:  Moderate
exterior design
Exterior design view – Source:  Moderate
entrance view
Entrance – Source:  Moderate
exterior house view
Exterior design view – Source:  Moderate
exterior design
Outside view – Source:  Moderate
outside view
Outside view – Source:  Moderate
Entrance – Source:  Moderate
Inside stairs – Source:  Moderate
Stairs – Source:  Moderate
Stairs – Source:  Moderate
interior design
Bedroom design – Source:  Moderate
Outside view – Source:  Moderate
interior design
Interior design – Source:  Moderate
Living room – Source:  Moderate
Kitchen design – Source:  Moderate
Veranda – Source:  Moderate
bathroom design
Design of the bathroom – Source:  Moderate
Shower – Source:  Moderate
Half Floor Modern House Plan
Half floor modern house plan – Source:  Moderate
Half Floor Modern House Plan
Half floor modern house plan – Source:  Moderate
Half Floor Modern House Plan
Half floor modern house plan – Source:  Moderate
Half Floor Modern House Plan
Half floor modern house plan – Source:  Moderate

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    • Mangok Deng
    • April 1, 2021

    I love the house and i should pick this design for myself help me find the house plan picture and architecture

    • Feyisa
    • February 15, 2023

    It’s good

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