How to discipline your kitten

As enchanting as your kitten may look, sometimes they go wild and get rather feisty. However, most of the time bad cat behavior is not deliberate (especially with kittens) and with a little guidance, you can raise a well behaved fuzzy. Here is how to discipline your kitten;

Every pet owner knows the importance of having a well-behaved cat but only a few understand how to correctly discipline a kitten.

Truth be told, it’s not easy, especially when you’re a novice with your first kitten. And again, no one cat is exactly like the other so, one can respond positively to a particular method of disciplining while the other might get worse.

The good news is, cats are pretty intelligent and will get accustomed to the right practices in no time. However, it may be a process of trial and error but with a positive attitude, lots of patience and consistency, it’s doable.

How to discipline a biting kitten

You might be wondering, why does my kitten attack me? Kittens mostly use a nip to communicate. It’s not to mean they’re badly behaved, it’s only because that’s the best way they know how.

To discipline your kitten if they bite you may need to establish the reason why they nipped you in the first place. The most common reasons include;

  • They’re just being playful
  • They’re teething
  • They’re scared
  • They’re communicating/ they need attention

Generally, if your kitten bites because they want to play, they’re excited or they want to communicate, you should avoid them for about 5 – 10 minutes until they can associate their nipping behavior with a ‘no fun’ experience.

For teething, you can give your kitty a toy to chew on and finally, you may want to handle your kitten with care to avoid putting them in a packing attack which can easily result in a nipping retaliation.

Stopping attention-seeking bad behaviors

Sometimes, kittens misbehave because of boredom. Be sure to spend some quality time with your kitten. Play with your kitty to provide enough exercise and stimulation.

Scratching and clawing

Cats love scratching and that’s actually healthy for their claws. However, if they scratch on the wrong surfaces like furniture, you need to let them know it’s not alright and redirect them immediately to more appropriate surfaces where they can sharpen their cute claws.

This can easily be done by verbal commands. You don’t necessarily need to shout, just a slightly raised voice with a simple ‘NO’ followed by an immediate redirection will do.

You’ll need to buy (or DIY) scratching posts where you can direct your kitten.


Kittens are height enthusiasts. They love jumping off cabinets and coffee tables but if this behavior doesn’t settle well with you, you can easily find a solution.

Ideally, you should use praise and treat to let your kitten know which shelves, counters or tables are off-limit. Every time your kitty jumps on a wrong couch you can use verbal correction and when they jump on the allowed couch, use praises and treats.

With time, your kitten will establish the areas they’re allowed to explore.

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