How to stop puppy biting

If you recently got yourself a puppy you may be in a dire need to know how soon they’ll stop nipping on your fingers and toes. The simple answer is, not soon enough!  A single nip can be extremely painful.

Just like babies, it’s natural for puppies to chew on things as they start to teethe but they also do it when playing. Your puppy will need training on where they can bite and that doesn’t include your body or your property.

Aggressive puppy biting behavior if not brought to a halt, the adorable cuddly nip can turn to a habit that will be carried into adulthood. You don’t want to raise an aggressive dog so here is a simple guide on how to stop puppy biting.

Remember, it’s completely unjustifiable to use pain-based methods to stop your puppy from biting. These combative techniques not only make the situation worse, but they’re also super unkind to your pup friend!

Basically, there four main reasons why your puppy bite;

  1. Because of teething
  2. When being playful
  3. When excited
  4. When scared

Each of the above reasons requires a unique approach but in all cases, immediately your puppy bites you should let them know it’s not okay.

  • How to stop puppy biting when teething

Much like a baby, puppies explore their world with their mouth. The best way to lure your puppy off biting when they’re teething is stocking lots of toys. Your pup has an uncontrollable desire to exercise their jaws so a hard-treat rubber toy will do the trick.

Biting due to teething doesn’t last long so your puppy will eventually outgrow it.

  • How to stop biting a puppy from biting when excited

If your puppy is overly excited, you can almost predict a bite. The best way to avoid a nip or a bite when your pup is excited is by assuming them until they calm down.

  • How to stop a puppy from biting when playing

When puppies play with each other it can be rough, but their skin can handle it. However, when the same force is applied to human skin, it can be rather painful. Your puppy might not entirely stop nipping even after training, but the force of biting can be moderated to feel friendly on your skin.

If a puppy’s bite is too hard on another pup they’ll naturally make a squeal and immediately tuck themselves aside and stop playing.

If your puppy nips at your finger when playing, you want to do exactly the same. Make a neural noise calmly – that can ‘oops’ or ‘ouch’ and immediately stop playing. Your puppy will soon understand that biting brings the ‘playtime’ to a halt.

With time, your puppy will learn to adjust the biting pressure accordingly.

  • How to stop puppy biting when scared

Lastly, yet importantly, a puppy can get aggressive when they feel threatened. This can happen even when they’re mishandled. That’s why it’s crucial to hold your pup with lots of care. You should also train your kids on how to handle a puppy properly to avoid ugly scratches and nips.

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