Inspirational Contemporary Double Storey House Plan

This house can be built in a lot consisting of 725.9 square meters and has a total building area consisting of 518 square meters .

The ground floor consists of a portico that is covered by a wall of sandstone cedar lining to the ceiling that lead to the inside part of the building by double doors that lead to a spacious area. The main floor consists of a big dining/kitchen/family area. The guest room is smartly placed next to the spacious dining area providing easy access and a little bit of privacy. The spacious guest bedroom consists of the main guest bedroom a toilet and a wardrobe. The living room is placed in the left of the entry, it can be easily accessible by every room and has a toilet near. There is also a easy access to the garage which itself is spacious . It can be used to keep multiple vehicles and tools. In the entry area you can find the stairs that lead to the second floor. The pool can be viewed and accessed by the main room by the glassy corridor.

Here is a set of photos showing the finished project. Well built, fully furnished, painted and decorated, at its maximum potential.

Every place in this house is designed with minimalism on mind. The colors are warm and all the rooms are well lit. The furniture and appliances are fully sized and considered to go with the theme of the house. In addition a small garden area could always come in handy in case of sunny days. This space can be put to good use to get some sun beams or to be planted with different decorative plants.

As we can see in the schematics the second floor consists of 3 bedrooms respectively placed in the 3 corners with the 4-Th one being a study room. There is an widely open area between all the rooms which can be decorated in different ways following the style of this house. Having a spacious area is always good for future plans or changes to the room sizes or adding another room. Bedroom 3 and 4 share one bathroom equipped with a lot of space. Bedroom 1 or the main bedroom has has the most space. It has its own bathroom which itself has a lot of space. The house is well lit by a considerable number of windows and open areas which also can provide a relaxing and calming look to the whole scene.

The pool area is a very cool addition too. It is build to create relaxing part next to the garden place at the back of the house. It can be observed easily from the study room, guest Bedroom and the upper left part of the Dining room. The pool area has enough space to organize a party or some form of cocktail. The addition off some ground lights or lamps can give a nice touch to the scene during the evening. It has space to be filled by outdoor furniture.

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    Hi Its a wonderful houseplan can i have measurements of each room and everything as well

    • Hugo Almeida Lima
    • October 27, 2020

    Hi, this is a beautiful home. Can I please request for the building plan? Cheers

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