Interior Design For Indoor Plants

If you want to infuse the interior design of your house with indoor plants, you are in the right place. Yes, designs for indoor plants are very important as they not only bring a natural aroma to your house but also help to maintain a healthy indoor ambiance. Another interesting fact is that in this technologically disconnected world, we don’t have much time to take care of plants and this is why we have come up with some indoor plants that can grow in indoor conditions with less maintenance. We have also mentioned how you can decorate them to enhance the beauty of your interior design. So, have a look at the following points:

  • Grow Air Plants And Cacti In Kid Shaped Pots: Air plants and cacti are smaller in size and they can grow anywhere. In the case of air plants, you need to sprinkle water once in a week over them for at least 10 minutes. They grow in natural light and add a natural flavor to your interior design. On the other side, the characteristics of cacti are almost similar to air plants. Yes, they grow in the home environment; you just need to supply water once in a month or once a week. Well, the indoor plants will not bring a magical effect in your interior design if you do not have proper pots for them. This is why we will recommend you to go with customized designer pots that look like kids sitting on somewhere. If you have multiple plants, you can go for pots that come in different colors such as black and white. These plants are so small in size that you can keep them in bookshelves or in the corner of your bedroom.
  • Have Some Kentia Palm In A Large Black Coloured Pot: Having a kentia palm can enhance the beauty of the interior design of living room. Talking about the interior design for indoor plants, you can have a large black colored pot. Fill it with soil and plant a kentia palm over there. It just requires regular watering and sunlight to keep kentia palm happy. You can keep them beside any sofa set or beside the entrance of your living room. It really makes the ambiance cool and calm. Moreover, if you paint the background wall with white crème color, you will definitely experience an awesome visual pleasure.
  • Enhance The Beauty of Guest Room With Dragon Trees Planted On Transparent Pots: Dragon tree does not look like a dragon but the spiky leaves with red outlines of dragon trees can be compared with the teeth of a dragon. Well, paired with proper lighting, the dragon tree can bring a dynamic effect in your room. Yes, you can keep them on transparent pots so that your guests don’t miss the beauty of these spiky trees. If we talk about the background, accent walls will be ideal for them as direct sunlight deeply hampers their growth.

So, these are some ideas and we hope that you would definitely pair your interior design with these indoor plants.

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