Jaw-dropping Lovely House Plan

When it comes to find the luxury house of your dreams you are never going to stop looking for it because there is always going to be something better but this case is the something better. It has one of the most sleek designs and it always is going to be trendy. This house has two floors with the first floor consisting of the living room, dining room, a bedroom and the kitchen and the second one consisting of three bedrooms and an amazing area used as an open dining room.

Starting from the fist floor we can see that it is compact and everything has its own place. The entrance gets to have a small porch that can be used in multiple ways starting from a dining area to an area for the kids to play. The living room is the first room you face right after you enter. It is well lit by the main entrance glass door and well ventilated. It is made to look open and has enough room to play with different decorations. Right after the living room are the stairs which are divided from it by a small wall. The area under the stairs is the perfect space to decorate the whole area and the options are limitless. The kitchen and dining room have enough space to fit all the necessary appliances and provide a nice scene thanks to the windows to enjoy your meals. One of the house bedrooms is located also on the ground floor. It shares the toilet with the rest of the floor to make it easily accessible. The bedroom has its own wardrobe and a big open space to be comfortable and play with the décor.

Going to the second floor we can see the amazing design. The master bedroom is the one having the small balcony and the best view out of the rest. Every bedroom except one of them have their own bathrooms. This decision is made so one of the bathrooms would be easily accessible from the second floor. One of the best this house has to offer is in this floor and its the open dining area. Jus imagine yourself spending some time with the family, friends or relatives in that area. It has the best view of the property. It can also be decorated with various decorative plants or flowers which enhance the outdoor view of this area. With some wall mounted lamps everything this place has to offer can be exposed.

This house offers a well beloved parking space since finding parking space these days can get always frustrating. It has enough space to keep two cars and can be easily viewed from the inside area. It is decorated with some small ceiling mounted lamps which expose the cars. It is highly recommended to plant decorative trees or flowers around the house which can turn this place into an amazing oasis and go really well with the overall amazing design of the house.

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