Top Kitchen Mini Bar Design Ideas for Home, Small Spaces

In this article, you will find mini bar ideas for the kitchen of small houses and living room (with real-life examples) and some tips to consider when you design a modern mini-bar that is family-friendly!

The kitchen is always considered as the heart of the home and if you have a joint family, it would be the best place for gathering.

Yes, it is a fact that a kitchen is a place for cooking but, if it does not look attractive, you will prefer eating in the restaurants over your kitchen.

Therefore, people have a tendency to remodel their kitchen by adding new features, appliances, and many more so that it can provide visual pleasure to everyone. When it comes to adding new features as well as appliances, installing a small minibar in your kitchen will not be a bad option.

Drinking alcohol is injurious to health but, if you occasionally drink it in a limit, it will not affect your body.

However, if you have such kind of mindset, you will probably know how expensive it is to drink a small size of cocktail in a bar and therefore,  it is not considered a crime if you shake a fine cocktail in your luxurious and modified home kitchen.

But, for this, you must have some minibar kitchen designs. When it comes to kitchen designs minibar, everyone uses their creativity.

Still, we have added some ideas regarding the kitchen with minibar design. So, have a look at the following points:

Install A Corner table

When you are installing a minibar in your kitchen, you have to keep in mind that it does not cover all your cooking area. Therefore, go for a corner table that not only makes your kitchen dynamic but also gives it a different look.

Corner tables are designed in such a way so that it can hold all your beverages, bottles, glasses, garnishes, and utensils. You can even keep your ice bucket there.

White Or Black Countertops

The color of the countertops of your minibars matters the most as it is the place where you will keep your glasses, ice buckets, and many more. Therefore, we will suggest you go for white or black countertops it will always give you a fresh look.

Minibar Table Made Of White Marble

Although the topic is about kitchen design minibar, you have to think about the material that will be used for your minibar.

Well, a minibar is not a temporary set up and therefore, you can go for a minibar table made of white marble which will provide the ultimate solidity and it will last for many years to come.

Along with it, you can go for white or black countertops. The choice is up to you.

Adjustable Modern Bar Stools With Black Finish

When we are talking about minibar design for Kitchen, it means that you have to think about the stools that will be there alongside the table.

So, it will be better if you go for adjustable modern bar stools as it will give you ultimate comfort, and moreover, you can adjust the seat height as per your requirements.

48 Kitchen Mini Bar Designs That Anyone Will Love

If you prefer videos, watch the video below to find 30 beautiful mini bar designs for your home or apartment kitchen.

Below are amazing kitchen mini bar designs that you can have in your kitchen.

Please remember does not sell house plans, we do not offer any service as architects or interior designers, we do not offer any building and construction service, we share ideas and useful articles to help your imagination and inspiration, just like an online magazine. Thank you

minibar with tiles in a kitchen
Small mini bar – Image Credits
lighting kitchen with several drink bottles
Modern mini kitchen bar design for house – Image Credits
Kitchen minibar with a television
Mini-bar design with a TV for your home – Image Credits
minibar with five orange color chairs
Attractive kitchen bar design – Image Credit
minibar example in kitchen with vine bottle
Attractive mini bar design for modern houses – Image Credits
kitchen with wood cabinets and mini-bar
Mini-bar near kitchen – Image Credits
kitchen with wood items
Kitchen – Image Credit
kitchen with white wall
Minibar in small area in kitchen – Image Credit
small bar in kitchen
Calm minibar in kitchen – Image Credit
small mini kitchen bar
Minibar in kitchen of an open area – Image Credit
clean kitchen mini bar
Clean minibar design – Image Credit
mini kitchen bar with lots of wood items
Wood items – Image Credit
modern house bar design
Modern House Bar Design – Image Credit
Home bar curved
Home Bar Curved – Image Credits
wet bar design
Wet Bar Design – Image Credits
Mini kitchen bar
Mini Kitchen bar – Image Credit
modern kitchen bar
Modern Kitchen bar – Image Credit
Interior mini bar kitchen idea
Interior mini bar kitchen idea – Image Credits
contemporary bar decor
Contemporary Wine bar decor – Image Credit
Interior design of mini bar
Interior design of mini bar – Image Credit
Basement small bar
Basement small bar – Image Credit
Two-level bar counter
Two-level bar counter – Image Credit
Kitchen mini bar design
Kitchen mini bar design – Image Credit
small space small bar design
Small space small bar design – Image Credit
home mini bar design idea
Home mini bar design idea – Image Credit
Cool kitchen mini bar design idea
Cool kitchen mini bar design idea – Image Credit
2-Tier kitchen bar design
2-Tier kitchen bar design – Image Credit
kitchen countertops with bar
Kitchen countertops with bar – Image Credits
kitchen cabinet with bar counter
Kitchen cabinet with bar counter – Image Credits
Bar counter top design
Bar counter top design – Image Credits
L-shaped mini bar ideas for houses
L-shaped mini bar ideas for houses – Image Credit
Modern mini-bar design idea
Modern mini-bar design idea – Image Credits
small bar design for home
Normal mini bar design – Image Credits
Dry bar in house
Dry bar in house – Image Credit
bamboo cabinets quartz countertops
Bamboo cabinets quartz countertops – Image Credits
Eco-friendly bamboo countertop
Eco-friendly bamboo countertop – Image Credit
high chairs for kitchen island
Beautiful high chair mini bar in kitchen – Image Credit
Wine bar design for home
Wine bar design for home – Image Credits
modern wooden bar counter design
Modern wooden bar counter design – Image Credits
Home bar
Home bar – Image Credits
Beautiful kitchen bar design for family
Beautiful kitchen bar design for family – Image Credits

So, these are the top mini-bar ideas for your kitchen!

Which design did you like most? Drop your comment below.

If you are interested in learning how to build a mini bar, watch this video.

If you like these designs, please share this post with your friends to inspire!

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