Easy Kitchen Storage Ideas For Small Spaces (DIY Examples)

In this post, you will find out very useful kitchen storage ideas for small places with a DIY tutorial.

You might be surprised to know that small is considered the new big in the 21st century. You don’t need a large kitchen unless you are cooking for your colony.

Having a compact kitchen brings endless advantages such as less expense for building the materials, DIY construction, more living space, easy to design, and many more.

But, when it comes to the compact kitchen, you need kitchen storage ideas for small spaces to make your kitchen more effective. We know that you have some kitchen storage ideas but, we have also done the research for you and in this article, we are going to tell you some kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens.

Under Sink Drawer

When you need more space in a smaller kitchen, you need two different things such as sink and drawer at the same place. This is why under sink drawer would be a great option to have in your kitchen.

You can keep the towels, hand washes, and candles in the drawer whereas you can keep some other products such as soaps, dishwashing gel on the countertop of the sink.

Install A Pegboard

The walls of the kitchen are used for multiple purposes and the best part is that it can hold more than what we think. This is why most people install shelves or hooks to hang their utensils.

But, in reality, it does not give a rich look to your kitchen. Instead of these, go for pegboards which are very flexible and you can adjust it as per your requirements.

Utilize The Top Parts Of Your Cabinets

The top parts of your cabinets give you the ultimate space where you can keep special serving platters and along with it, you can keep pantry supplies that you frequently need in your daily activities.

Add Shelving Under Countertops

Tiny kitchen storage ideas and having knowledge of space management are inextricably related to each other. Therefore, we have added this particular point.

It is a fact that the underneath of countertops is rarely used and so, you can install multiple shelves there to make your kitchen more spacious. You can keep dishes, pots and many more there.

Go For Top Mount Or Bottom Mount Refrigerator

The storage of your kitchen relies on the type of kitchen appliances you are using. We will recommend you go for top mount or bottom mount refrigerator instead of a traditional refrigerator.

These models come with a separate compartment that is used as a freezer. Moreover, the design of such a refrigerator is very compact, and therefore, you must include this in the list of your kitchen storage ideas for small places.

Install Cubbies In Your Kitchen

Corporate sectors have cubicles where so many employees can fit in a small place. Similarly, you can install cubbies in your kitchen where you can keep several items such as spices, cookbooks, vases, and many more.

Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Places

So, these are some kitchen storage ideas and we hope that this article would be helpful for you.

kitchen storage
kitchen drawer
kitchen storage
side fridge organizer
simple kitchen storage design

Here are 10 more easy small kitchen storage design ideas.

So, which design do you like most?

If you liked these, check out this post on top kitchen mini bar design ideas!

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