Low Cost Budget House Plan

Low cost house plan is very popular nowadays. Building a nice house would need lots of funding and a stable finance. Moreover, you don’t need all the money in the world to build a house, not to go to luxury. But a comfortable one to keep you an your family happy and comfortable. In fact, in this house plan making the house a comfortable place to live do different activities will be detailed. You need low cost house plan to impress your guests.

This house plan consists of

A covered vehicle porch which can always come in handy when owning a vehicle or having plenty of stuff to store. Therefore, it has enough space and can be accessed by two ways. One from the inside and one form the outside of the back of the house. In fact, this is a good low cost house plan to impress guests.

We have another low cost house plan for you. The Dining room and the kitchen are merged into one. The reason is of course saving a little bit of space and the modern kitchens of these years. Which are very common to be in the same place with the dining room. In fact, it creates a sense of open space and a big area. Which in most cases looks good and is a lot practical.

Alluring Low Cost House Plan

Alluring low cost house plan is very effective.There are two Bedrooms having each their own space for a wardrobe. The Bedrooms are strategically placed to share one big and full bathrooms. Both bedrooms share the same view outside that can be beautifully decorated with some decorative trees. And some cobblestone pathways and some ground lights or small lamps.

The whole area is perfectly lit by a considerable number of windows that can be installed in basically every place. Considering that this house is being built with saving money on priority the house is painted in one color and is mixed with the color of the tiles giving a very fitting view.

Enchanting House Plan

The bathroom is fully built and can be accessed easily form every corner of the house.

The 23X13 great room gives the possibility to use it as a work or store area. This space is precious and greatly appreciated considering that this house is budged friendly. It even can serve a purpose just for décor. Its in your hands how you use it, but just having the opportunity and space is a big plus.

Catching Design For House

You need catching low cost house plan. Having your own terrace is also a great commodity of this plan. The terrace can be accessed from the main room and can be used to chill and relax in sunny days. If you don’t have space around the house you can always use the terrace for different activities such as grilling or throwing a little party or it can serve as a balcony if you have the resources to make the wall just a little bit higher.

If you have just a little bit of space around the house it would be greatly welcomed if you have any children. They always like playing around the house and considering this house has a view of basically every corner outside it will be easy to have a view at the kids. Even you as parents can use this space for your own activities and purposes.

We hope that you would definitely like the low cost house plan mentioned above.

Please remember MyhomeMyzone.com does not sell house plans, we do not offer any service as architects or interior designers, we do not offer any building and construction service, we share ideas and useful articles to help your imagination and inspiration, just like an online magazine. Thank you


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