Low Cost House Plan For Just 39 Square Meters

In this post we will share for you a low cost house plan designed to be build in just 39 square meters.

This is a 2 bedroom house having an overall width of only 5 meters. This can conveniently be constructed in a narrow lot with only 8 meter frontage. With this dream home the living room and bedroom 1 is located at the front. Bedroom 1 is 2.5 by 3 meters in size with its built-in toilet and bath.

Living room, dining and kitchen is open type design since the space is so tight and we can only attain space efficiency when there are no partitions for each part of the house except for the bedrooms. The rear wall is design to have no opening since this was tailored for a specific client where he does not require any opening at the back.

One of the lifetime investments is of course building your house and since this investment takes a lot of time and a considerable budged you are not always going for the most expensive one considering your financial situation. In this post we are going to analyze a rather cheap house to build and maintain. It has a rather simple design consisting of a layout divided into two parts, one for the bedroom area and one for the living/dining area and the kitchen. This design is becoming more and more popular these days thanks to the always rising house prices.

Starting from the house entrance we are going to spot the living room (mistaken as bedroom 2 in the actual plan). It is designed to utilize as much space as possible considering the small form factor of this house and thanks to the big window right behind the sofas gets to have the beloved natural sunlight. The dining area is a well thought part of this house and is placed in the best possible place. It has easy access from the outdoor area and from that place you can easily access the rest of the house . Thanks to the door leading to he outdoor area that place can be utilized as an outdoor sitting area or it can serve the purpose of having different family gatherings such as grills and small parties and it can even serve the purpose for the kids to play outside. Moving on to the kitchen area we can spot the same design decisions to utilize as much space as possible and make the room feel as open as possible. The kitchen is fully fledged and has enough space for all the appliances necessary for the residents to be comfortable. Thanks to the window the natural sunlight can come in and the parents can see the kids during their outdoor playing time. The bathroom right after the kitchen is easily accessible from the rest of the house and it’s strategically placed to be accessed from the second bedroom and the dining and living room.

Moving to the right side of the house we are going to face the master bedroom. The presence of the attached bathroom and the wardrobe is a wonder considering the small form factor of the house. This room gets to have the view in front of the house and the right side which would enhance the experience. With the presence of some decorative plants and flowers surrounding the property could turn this place into an amazing relaxing oasis and with the help of some outdoor lighting such as wall mounted lamps could expose the beauty reflected by this house in the evenings too. The same can be said for the second bedroom of the house which could be the kid’s bedroom. It has easy access from the master bedroom if that is the case and it’s designed to be almost the same as the master bedroom with the only exception being the attached bedroom and the beloved front view of the house.

House plan details:

  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 2
  • Floor Area: 39 sq.m.
  • Lot Size: 87 sq.m.

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    • March 19, 2020

    Thank you , it is very interesting idea, I haven’t engineering knowledge ,but with help of your information I am motivated to build my house with out consultant

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