Low Cost Kerala House Plan – 991 sq.ft

Living in this modern era, it has become quite evident that Low Cost Kerala House Plan is getting huge popularity. Yes, people all over the world are coming up with different taste. Some are preferring small house designs whereas some are going with low cost Kerala house plan. Now, there are many architectural designers that are constantly working to deliver attractive house plan. But, the fact is that not all design can be satisfactory. MyhomeMyzone understand this situation very well. This a very well-known platform where you will get a  wide range of designs such as kitchen designs, bedroom designs, house designs, outdoor garden designs and many more. The good thing is that this platform is also covering three bedroom bungalow house plan. If you have interest in such a house plan, you are in the right place. So, do not miss to run into the following points:

Stunning Front Design Of The Low Cost Kerala House Plan

Well, the front design of this low cost Kerala house plan is really playing an impactful role. It does not matter whether you have a small house or big house, the design of the front part plays a very important role. The design of this house is not an exception. If you minutely analyse the design, you will get to know that this house has a hip-shaped roof and apart from this, there is a flat roof on top of it.

The texture of the roof is very attractive and impressive. Yes, you will get to see the black pattern on the hip-shaped roof. Anyway, if we talk about the colour of the exterior wall, it is also very impressive. Yes, the white colour is very eye-catching and you can easily impress the guests. Moreover, the placement of those windows is also very impressive. Yes, those glass windows have panel pair curtains and the wooden texture is adding a new dimension to the overall design of this house.

Inviting Entrance

The small area of 991 square feet can accommodate a spacious bathroom and 2 bedrooms. It has a beautiful roof that slopes and a thick border to go with it. Together they serve to heighten the plushness of this low-cost house. Anyway, if we talk about the main entrance of this Kerala house plan, it is actually very impressive in nature. The wooden main entrance has a very attractive pattern. This pattern will definitely create a solid impression upon the guests. Moreover, the extended shade of the house will also play a very important role. There is a spacious front yard. You can customize this as per your requirements. Moreover, you can build an outdoor garden here.

As of now, you have understood the Low Cost Kerala House Plan ideas. Now, MyhomeMyzone is a very popular virtual platform that offers various designs such as kitchen designs, bathroom designs, bedroom designs, house plans and many more. Anyway, if you want to know more about the three bedroom bungalow house plan, you can see the following images.

The bedrooms are located right next to this living room. In fact, their doors open up to the living room. The toilet is placed within close proximity as well. It has a separate wash area too – making it a very convenient addition to the dining room.

The modular kitchen has a work area that is almost as large as the kitchen itself. The architect has ensured that it has direct access to the dining room so that serving each meal would be an effortless task.

Kerala house plan specifications

Total Area      : 991 sq. ft.
Bedroom         : 2
Bathroom        : 1

Facilities included in the plan

Sit Out
Bedroom -2
Common toilet
Work Area

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