Minimalist House Design By Kerala Home Design

People living in this modern era are giving more preference to the minimalist home design. Nowadays, the busy schedule has made the lifestyle of people very unstable and hectic. Therefore, they are looking for a house design that can give them the ultimate mental peace. Talking about the present condition, there are numerous architectural studios that are working very hard to deliver alluring minimalist house design. But, the fact is that, not all them are capable of delivering a satisfactory look. MyhomeMyzone knows this very well and this is why we have come up with beautiful minimalist house design by Kerala Home Design. We have added the important aspects below. So, do not miss the following points:

Mesmerizing Front Of The Minimalist House Design

Talking about this minimalist house design, it has mesmerizing front. When it comes to house design, you  must make the front attractive and fascinating. If we talk about the design, it has hip and gable shaped roof. Apart from this, if we talk about the exterior wall, they have light crème coloured linear pattern. Moreover, the placement of the windows is perfect and this is why, they are adding an attractive deimension to the overall design of the house. Talkng about the main entrance, you can see a wooden door with a polished fininsh. Moeover, the floor in front of the door is giving a very glossy look. The ceramic white colour and glossy finish over it are making it fascinating. Apart from these, you can see a large yard in the front and those areas are very well-decorated. In short, the entire design will mark an unforgettable impression upon the minds of your guests.

Minimalist House Design Paired With Beautiful Dinning Space

The dinning space of this minimalist house design is very beautiful. Anybody can fall in love with this interior setup. Talking about the floor, it has a very glossy finish and so, it enhances the overall look of the room. If we talk about the dining table, it has a very beautiful golden coloured table-top. Apart from this, the design of the chairs is very appealing. Along with this, you can see a L-shaped staircase paired with a very attractive hand railing. Moreover, the placement of the lights are perfect. You can see the recessed lighting installed in the ceiling and so, they are giving a very modern look. Moreover, the indoor plants are adding a freshness to the overall ambiance of the dinning space.

Comfortable And Spacious Bedroom Interior Set Up

Well, bedroom is, undoubtedly, one of the important parts of our home. So, it is very essential to give it a very comfortable set up. If we talk about the bedroom design, it has glossy floor, twin bed and a separate office space. If we talk about the wall, they have a very attractive layout. You can find uneven linear texture over it. Moreover, the addition of wooden bedroom cabinet is giving the bedroom a complete look.

So, these are some minimalist house design ideas. If you want more, you can check out the images added below.

Stunning Front View of Minimalist House Design – Source: House Designs
Awesome Dining Space – Source: House Designs
Modern Bedroom Design – Source: House Designs
Beautiful Interior Set Up – Source: House Designs
Stunning Sitting Space – Source: House Designs

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