Modern 2-Bedroom Single Story House Plan

Modern 2-Bedroom Single Story House featured today is elevated in more or less 5 steps or 750mm from the natural grade line. This is almost flood proof design due to its elevation. With large picture windows at the front, this concept is exemplary in layout. Porch at 2.5 meters by 4.0 meters, this is a great area to stay and to welcome guest. Living area is 4 meters by 4 meters located at the left side of the house.

The 2 bedroom are located at the front and left side of the house with the kitchen at the rear. Dining area will be in between rooms and the living area. Although this house has only one bathroom which serve as common for all, this Modern 2-Bedroom Single Story House is an example of budget home due to its simple features and did not include unnecessary luxury areas.

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