Modern One-Story House With Wrap Around Porch, 3 Bedrooms

Area: 100 Sqm
Consist: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen

Modern architecture is an architectural style that refers to a large group of similar buildings that emerged in many countries by the practice of many architects between the 1920s and 1950s.

Modern architecture first took off in Europe and then made its way into the American style.

The ‘modern look’ means simplicity in form and design. Modern architecture is based on abstraction, which is created by clean lines, basic shapes, and forms.

Thus, simple, plain, geometric forms, rectangular shapes, and linear elements make the characteristics of modern architecture.

This can be seen in the Weissenhof Siedlung in Stuttgart, Germany, that showcases a box-like building, cubic volume, a flat roof, and clean lines.

The form of a modern building is also determined by its functionality. Functionality means performing for intended use, fitness for purpose.

In modern architecture, the emphasis put into functionality is best defined with the credo of ‘form follows function.’ The concept of open space is weaved into functionality.

Rather than traditional separated spaces (or rooms), the modern style creates undivided living and working spaces that function as multiple-use areas.

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