Modern Single Storey House In Black Tone (25 images)

A grand luxurious Single Storey house with modern architecture and refined design is a dream of many people. It is hard to find a house that aligns with your priorities and budget. But say no more. This is a beautiful one storey house with a modern and attractive design which will attract people. It consists of the finest material and best resources so you can fulfill your dreams.

The house has a black exterior with a grey undertone. It looks exquisite and chic with white window panes and black railing on the balcony. Gone are the days when people wanted a simple blue or white Single Storey house. Now, black and dark hues are trendy when it comes to estates and houses. The black tone has a magnificent feel in the winters—a truly deluxe exterior with a minimal and straightforward design. The front stairs have steel grey colour.

The balcony of the Single Storey house is out front. It is spacious and elongated. You can decorate it with a couch and some plants and turn the whole place into the perfect reading spot. Add white dining set on the balcony to make it the ideal place for Sunday brunches and afternoon meals.

Alluring Single Storey House

The living room is exquisite with royal grey walls. The center wall is colored in a darker grey than the rest of the walls for a trendy look. There are white shelves on the center wall and a white console table. So, you can keep your gaming station on the TV at the best place. You can decorate the living room with a white couch and grey or black coffee table. It will be sophisticated with the table and the shelves.  

The kitchen is designed brilliantly. It is eloquent and convenient and equipped with all the modern equipment you need for cooking. The slabs are made from fine marble. The color contrast of black and grey cabinets is elegant and classy. The kitchen has a cooking range, which is also in black to support the color theme. The kitchen has a moderate size, not too big, not too small.

Impressive Single Storey House

Bathrooms are one of the main attractions of a Single Storey house. People might not spend a lot of time there, but they represent the ethics and taste of the house owner. The bathroom of the house has a unique style that you might not have seen before anywhere. The wall has a geometric pattern of black and brown small square marble tiles in a strip in the middle. The rest of the walls have white tiles. The shower is grand with white walls.

Attractive Design

The second bathroom is built with perfection. The shower has grey and brown small tiles, which look graceful. The floor features a honeycomb pattern with a white background and black outline. It looks superb and beautiful.

If you have been looking for a luxurious Single Storey house with a contemporary design and décor, this is undoubtedly the one for you. It’s an excellent house built for comfort and peace. 

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