One Bedroom Single Storey Residence in 60 m² Lot

Simple and small house for a simple family. Actually, this is what majority of people nowadays wants and are capable of having. In fact, the higher percentage of families in the present situation belongs to low income families. Pinoy House Designs presents a representative of simple living shelter with this one bedroom single story residence in 60 m² lot only. The advantage of simple living is that it gives more chances to consider what we have in life. Simple needs, simple demands will equally mean less pressures and less responsibilities and maintenance of the home.


For a small floor area of 60 m², there is a need for a careful planning and smart designing to accommodate all the required elements of a shelter. Moreover, as reflected in the actual floor plan, this is the best layout that can be done with this size. The design features a porch/garage to the left of the main house. The main floor level is elevated at three steps which is a preventive measure for floods. From a small sitout, the main door opens to the living room with an area of 2.90 x 3.20 meters. The dining room of dimension 4.50x 2.80 meters is in front of the living room. This area is including the space occupied by the staircase going to the roof deck.

The kitchen which is the heart of the house and measures 3.20 x 2.80 meters sits besides the dining room. The plan offers a provision for a working/service area for future improvement or expansion. The plan will show the bedroom of size 3.20 x 3.00 meters sitting to the right of the sitout and living room. The common toilet on the other hand sits in the middle of bedroom and kitchen. One of the highlights of this design is the roof deck which is too functional. It compensates the limited space of the plan by serving as extension for other family activities. As a matter of fact, it can serve as a recreation space, function hall for family activities and social gatherings.

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