One-storey Simple House Design For Modern Families

Simple house design is attracting modern people. This house is the work of the Sitthinee company 1981. The design is one story house. Hipped roof concrete structure. The outside of the simple house design consists of a black iron fence and gray concrete columns.

This house has a total of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The living area should not exceed 100 square meters, perfect for a small family

Nowadays everybody wants his own beautiful living place, even a small house where he can live a peaceful life. The trend for large houses is diminishing, and people want a simple house design that is compact and furnished beautifully. We are presenting you with a small, one-storey simple house. That will give you all the comforts and charm of a dream life. This house is the struggle of the Sitthinee Company in 1981 with a hipped roof concrete structure. The exterior of the house has black iron fence and grey concrete columns.

Fascinating Simple House Design

It comprises 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living area surpassing 100 square meters. The simple house design roof has a remarkable and multifaceted chore; it must provide a shield from the dwelling snow, rain, wind, and burning sun rays. You must pay attention to the roof construction, which is mainly responsible for comfort and warmth in the house. The roof in the hallway has a perfect colour combination with the room ceiling. You will be surprised to know how beautifully the iron fence has been used in the simple house design walls and roof. The historic and timeless existence of wrought iron fences renders them. An outstanding option for increasing the charm of the whole house.

A traditional wrought fence is durable and can face the weather changes for a long time. It means if you use this wrought iron fence, you will get double benefit out of it. This fence and gate layout of the house flawlessly match the contemporary minimalist homes of today. Clean lines, soft colour, and unique features are evident in the design. Black is used for the gate and fence to formulate it better to stand out and interpret the space. You can see how colours play an important role in making a simple design and texture more elaborative and fascinating. 

Alluring Idea For Simple House Design

Another facet of the simple house design that will urge you to go deeper is the artistic use of wood in the whole house. Wood is fixed into the grey steel frame on the floor, walls, and gateway and perfectly fills the interior space. After wood, the glasswork is another epitome of true art in this small house, especially at the front door. These 4 glass-panelled entrance doors of this house give elegant looks. To make it more fascinating with a farmhouse feeling like this one. The art of wood and glass can be seen in the kitchen. Where these two things are adorning the door, window. And cabinets of the kitchen. You will then see how marble is giving an elegant look to the whole kitchen and a perfect water system, air. And gas has made it nothing but an admirable place. 

Attractive House Design

In any house, the bedroom is the most important place. It should be luxurious and comfortable for the person who lives there, no matter what their style. The rooms are soberly incredible with the features of attitude, stunning furnishings, and amazing aesthetics. White is a soothing and soft colour, so this is a perfect match for your home sanctuary. In the bedrooms, dim colour lights have been installed to give the bedroom an actual cozy romantic look. Attached bathrooms with these bedrooms with their combination of white and black mosaic styles are lending the perfect finishing touch.

It’s all about a full package of a beautiful home. For a small family with its all facilities in the contemporary style. We are glad to have the honour of presenting you with such a fantastic simple house design. That captivates the attention at first sight. This type of house is a dream place for a small family that can be easily adjusted and enjoy living there. 

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