One-story House With 2 Bedrooms And 2 Bathrooms

One-story house design is getting huge popularity nowadays. Yes, living in this modern era, we must understand the need of modern people. They are giving more preference to the one-story house design nowadays. Managing such kind of house is easier than houses that come with a gigantic design. Anyway, there are studios that are working hard to deliver attractive one-story designs for modern people. But, the problem is not all of them can deliver a satisfactory design. If you are looking for a one-story house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, you are in the right place. MyhomeMyzone delivers enchanting designs for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and many more. Here, we have added a one-story house design that consists of 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. So, run into the following points:

One-Story House Design With Flat Roof

Well, people mostly go with hip or gable-shaped roofs for their one-story house design. But, having such kind of roof does not mean that it will make the house attractive. Yes, even a flat roof can make your one-story house fascinating as well as enchanting. Well, talking about the design of the roof of this house, it has a flat roof with white colour. Talking about the border, you can give it a slate grey colour. Well, you can extend the roof in the front as well as back. It will enhance the look of your house. You can give the surface of the roof a linear texture.

Pair Your One-Story House With Glass Door And Windows

Well, if you want to give your house a modern look, you can go with this idea without any hesitation. Having glass doors and windows actually enhances the overall look of the house. In the front, you can have a glass door. The glass panels installed in a white coloured wooden frame will give the house a modern and fascinating look. Apart from this, if we talk about the windows, they are also looking enchanting. Yes, you can have glass frames installed in a wooden structure. Talking about the colour, you can go with white colour.

Build A Garden In The Front Yard

Well, having a garden can always be considered as fascinating. There is a spacious front yard and you can build a garden there in the front yard. You can always decorate the yard with colourful outdoor plants. Apart from this, you can have a separate section in the front where you can plant some outdoor flower plants. This is the place where you will be enjoying yourself with your friends and families and so, you must decorate it properly.

Give The One-Story House Design Proper Lighting

When it comes to one-story house design, lighting plays a very impactful role. Yes, you can have wall-mounted lights on the exterior wall. Apart from this, you can install recessed lighting in the bedrooms. Talking about the bedrooms, you can have single or twin beds. The entire thing depends upon the customer’s requirements.

So, this is all about the one-story house design. In order to know more about it, see the following images:

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