Top Out Of The Box Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire

In this article, you will find some of the best out-of-the-box bathroom design ideas to inspire.

Well, when it comes to the design for the bathroom, we have a tendency to go with out-the-box design ideas.

So, if you are someone who needs innovative ideas for your bathroom, you are in the right place.

Here, in this article, we are going to tell you some out of the box bathroom design ideas and so, don’t miss the following points:

Decorate Your Bathroom With White Colored Soaking Bathtub

Well, we are acquainted with the fact that bathtub is one of the important items in the bathroom and therefore, we have an out-of-the-box bathroom design for you.

Yes, go for a soaking bathtub where you can have a full bathing experience as it allows you to get your whole body under the water.

Moreover, it is deeper than other kinds of generic tubs and as a result, you will have a comfortable feel while taking bath into it.

Along with it, you can have a wooden layered accent wall with built-in shelves alongside the bathtub so that you can have all your bathing accessories within your range.

The hardwood layers also add a natural touch to your interior bathroom design. If we talk about the floor, you can go with the dual-tone floor.

Yes, for the bathing area, you can have a black marble floor with a glossy touch over it and for the rest of your bathroom, you can have a light pink colored soft carpet that will offer you a delicate touch.

You can also have a black colored accent wall with a large mirror installed within it and for attractive lighting in your bathroom, you can have a rectangular-shaped accent ceiling with recessed lighting installed over it.

Get A Composite Tub Alongside A Large Glass Window

Well, when it comes to the design of a bathroom, it is very important to have large windows there so that the natural light can enter into your bathroom and enhance the overall look.

Moreover, you will have a different feeling when you take a bath in the presence of natural light. Keeping these points in mind, we have a great bathroom design idea for you.

So, get a composite tub and alongside it build a large glass window so that you get the delicate touch of natural air over your skin. Moreover, you will get a bright ambiance whenever you enter your bathroom.

However, for an elegant look, you can have a wooden frame and within it, you can install your composite tub which is generally more durable than others.

For the bare area of your bathroom, you can go for a glossy white marble finish and if we talk about the lighting, you can have recessed lighting installed over the glossy white colored floor.

Get An Enamel Tub With Several Windows Around It

If you want a classy look for your bathroom, get an enamel tub with several windows installed around the wall of it.

This not only gives you a brightened look but also makes you feel comfortable while taking a bath. You can also have a marble finish for the floor and for the ceiling, you can go in a pearl white color.

So, these are some innovative ideas that you can have in your bathroom.

Wall cladding
Wall cladding (Image Credit)
Bathroom design with glass window
Bathroom design with glass window (Image Credit)
Luxury modern bathroom UK
Luxury modern bathroom UK (Image Credit)
Modern bathroom in the upstairs
Modern bathroom in the upstairs (Image Credit)
Incredible bathroom design idea
Incredible bathroom design idea (Image Credit)
Bathtub with window above
Bathtub with window above (Image Credit)
Bathroom with best view
Bathroom with best view (Image Credit)
Luxury big bathroom design
Luxury big bathroom design (Image Credit)
Amazing bathroom design with a fabulous look
Amazing bathroom design with a fabulous look (Image Credit)
Luxury narrow bathroom with an ocean view
Luxury narrow bathroom with an ocean view (Image Credit)

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